The Vatican meets #metoo

I have been waiting for this to hit since the child abuse scandals first started coming out. There were a few nuns raising the alarm bells but they weren’t getting too much media traction at the time.

I do wonder how much the celibacy aspect comes into play, as opposed to the usual power dynamics in such religious institutions.

Celibacy just isn’t mentally healthy in the long-term, I can’t see the Vatican trying to keep it as a requirement for Priesthood all that much longer, but we’ll see. Though it’s not like there aren’t abusers amongst the married clergy as well.

That someone could do this to another human being is beyond repulsive and all while one portrays themself as serving The Lord? Then the next layer where the crime is hidden by others who become aware but place the reputation of the church ahead of the victim? Steps should immediately be taken to circumvent and remedy these crimes and the perps should be handed over to authorities for their day in court. It should NOT be handled or given the chance to be handled internally.