The vacine data that nobody is talking about

Three points

  1. Anti vaxers. Nearly 100 percent of anti vaxers suffering from severe Covid have changed their minds and wish they had gotten the shot. Some asking for it on their death bed. Getting Covid changes people from anti vax to pro vax. Period. That should tell you something. Did they die from Covid or from anti Vax paranoia fed by rumors and internet trolls? A friend of mine’s dad just passed from Covid. His son told me that “he was going to the shot.” Sure he was. He could have gotten it six months ago.

  2. Liberals are among the highest groups of the unvaccinated. Large cities such as N.Y. have very high rates of unvaccinated among teachers, firefighters, Police and city workers. And I know why. If you don’t, ask me. I’ll tell you,

  3. One of the few things that people claim that Biden didn’t fail at was Covid response. Now that he’s pushing people to mask up again, that’s in the toilet. He’s failed at everything now.


Data? Looks like an unfounded ‘own the libs’ c-theory. NYC has 60% single shot, 55% full vaccination.

There’s no breakdown for liberals versus conservatives.

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How many police & fire fighters in NYC are “Liberals”?
Have you ever been to Staten Island?

“Trump endorsed by NYC police union — a chilling portent.” Trump endorsed by NYC police union — a chilling portent.

"The Dues Sucking firefighters leadership will always support Democrats, even though the membership wants me, - djt
“Trump Attacks Firefighters Union for Endorsing Biden | Firehouse” Trump Attacks Firefighters Union for Endorsing Biden | Firehouse

Maybe someone without even a passing familiarity with the Five Bs could claim low cop vax rates in NYC meant liberals were endangering public health.


I don’t know about you, but…

…when a thread title is “The vaccine data nobody is talking about”?

When I read the initial post, I expect that there will be…you know…actual DATA presented?

Is the OPer planning on doing that at any point?


I think the ‘data’ set is ‘blame libs for covid’ or something.


Nearly 100% of the healthy young people who got vaccinated and then had life-threatening side effects would not take the vaccine again.

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Nearly 100% of the dead people who died because of COVID pre-vaccine and who post vaccine refused to take it when offered - wish they had a vaccine to take or had taken the vaccine available.


Federal Government workers also not getting vaccine.

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I think it has more to do with mangling the vaccine distribution and confidence.

How many people is that?


Is this the part where no one disagrees with the statement ‘Cuomo is an ass and De Blasio has his head up his own’?

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What mangling of the distribution?
I see signs at my local ShopRite and CVS saying cmon in and get it.

Why lack of confidence … didn’t everyone praise trump and Operation Warp Speed?


“It’s not my tribe; IT’S YOURS!!!”


I would say zero but that might be a high estimate.


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There are more left-leaning firefighters than there are cops.

But still a minority.


fairly certain those at 34/31% vaccination rate here did not. because their candidate told them not to trust it.

that is the truth lefties won’t say. while they blame the low rates on antivax trumpian rubes, the real culprits are their own victims.

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What I have noticed about the covid response from politicians and media is to take credit for absolutely jack ■■■■■ Neither Trump, Biden, Congress or any other politician one can find under a rock didn’t save anyone.

As some pointed out in the early months of covid it would be private companies that saves America not a politician or some massive wasteful government agency like the department of health.

Less praise is given to Pfizer and Moderna than idiot lawyers in political office, seeking praise for doing nothing. If anything government can be blamed for the deaths, few trusts media and politicians. Whether the FDA approval is right or wrong on deadly vaccine approval times it’s still hard not to take into account the Moderna vaccine at 95% efficacy was made on one weekend before the first case of covid-19 was announced in the U.S. but wasn’t available for a year because of FDA (government testing) and without the whole warp speed thing it could still be in testing for years to come.

The government imho needs a different testing procedure for a vaccine to the modern day plague than let’s say a new drug to treat migraines.

Borough with lowest vaccine rate is Staten Island, a conservative bastion.


where do you get the lefty lies from?

staten island: 55%

bronx: 50%
brooklyn: 52%

and what is the lowest demographic across all 5 boroughs? 34% or less in all but manhattan where its still the lowest at 41%

that stalwart trumpian block, the most reliable of trump supports… black liberal city dwellers.