The US the Greatest Country on Earth?


has been posted several times on this forum. While I know it is media entertainment from actors, this clip really resonates with me.

Is the US the greatest country on earth? Was it ever? If so, what makes/made it so? Is the progressive “progress” improving it or eroding the values that got it there?

The US
  • Yes, it is the greatest country on earth and getting better through progressivism
  • It was the greatest country, but progressivism is destroying what made it so
  • It’s just another country, as it should it be

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Not interested in flag waving, bumper sticker patriotism. Be as objective as possible.

It was, it’s not. There were problems when it was, but there are more problems now.

This progressive drive to mediocrity, the equity over equality, the obsession with equal outcomes, the oppression, repression and intolerance. These are but a few things ripping the fabric of this country from the inside.

“Justice” can be restoritive or retributive…guess which we chose.

Collectivism gone beyond limits is a cancer, a plague.

Karenism, legalism and repressive tolerance have created an environment of authoritarian high modernism that has destroyed innovation and courage.

The Constitution has become a hurdle to be jumped instead of an anchor to be respected.

We think we see what is happening, how bad it is. We don’t. It’s far worse than we realize. We have drifted into failure squabbling over crumbs.


The media, the public education system, the legal system…

Just a few of the failed institutions which have contributed to the drift.


@Sknyluv , why is it acceptable to you that your country is “just another country”?

It never was the greatest country, but it’s always been my favorite one.


It had the potential and was certainly up towards the top. Complacency, assuming everything was for free and will always be there are doing us in gradually.

no other country affords as much opportunity to anyone to be as successful, or not, as they want

that simple

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Can either of you name one better?

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Denmark is kind of cool.

I have no idea where unicorns live. There are only strong countries and weaker countries, caught in a constant ebb and flow.

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What makes Denmark cooler than the US for an American?

I have to say, I did not have posting an Aaron Sorkin monologue on my Sneaky Bingo card.

I don’t know what “greatest” means. What criteria are we using? I don’t necessarily agree with Will McAvoy’s criteria.

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as am objectively “best” country. Subjectively, I like living here.

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So is Finland

Doesn’t have all the problems of mixing cultures from all over the world and trying to stick them into one pot.

Then what’s your criteria?

Are you of that heritage?

I think Japan dominates that arena.

They even expect people to speak the local language. lol

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See my edit.

Start a gofundme. I’ll contribute.

Nope. If I were I would be in Denmark.