The US Media - Is It A Problem?

How big a problem is it?

There was a time in this country when we thought we knew what was true, although we probably didn’t.

Now, what is “true” is defined by what confirms our bias. And “the media” knows it. We are being linked into a brainless mob. Manipulated.

On a scale of 1 - 5, with 5 being the cause of 99.9% of our problems, how big a problem is the US media?

How Big?
  • Not the problem
  • One / Two
  • Three / Four
  • THE Problem

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Creating chaos sells…creating division sells.


Big time. And add to that the arrogance.


1st Amendment… Really?

Note: I am in no way advocating government intervention in the media.

Why not?

My opinion is, the media isn’t a problem. They are an outlier. We, as a whole, need to quit depending on others to navigate our lives. That goes for politicians as well as the media. I have no problem with the media executing their bias. I’m glad to see them more out in the open in this day and age. They are making a living throwing out their opinions. More power to them. But if you join them on their own pedestal, you are doing yourself a big disservice.


Don’t believe in it.

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Media and Journalists shouldn’t be picking sides or any sides in politics. They are forgetting what journalism is. Attacks on Voters,People, Candidates is not journalism.

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I disagree, they’ve always done it. Epitaph and Nugget in Tombstone.

A big problem.

Question is how much longer will they get away with spreading their bull ■■■■■■

People will find alternatives.

I thought we were there, but I guess not.

Not the problem.

They thrive on eyeballs and clicks. They feed us only what we want and nothing we needed.

We control the media, not the other way around.

We are the problem

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Question for everyone. Should the media control the narrative? Should we? Who should decide?

Biased reporting is just about all that’s out there anymore.

At least its what’s most easily accessible.

You have to research in order to find unbiased reporting.

Viewers control the narrative.

I say not “the” problem because as an individual you can see media representing different sides of the issue and glean all the facts.
But a problem because, mostly we pick the media to fit our biases and they are willing to do that because it sells.
And the more they turn up the heat the more they get viewers.