The US Embassy Is Now In It's Rightful Place In Israel. What Now?

I remember vividly studying about the Jews & their wandering for years before finding the "promised land,"in college years ago. We also studied in detail, how the new Temple would be built on the same site as the others in Bible history. In order for that to happen, the mosque, located on the “holy site” will have to be removed.

Over the years I’ve heard leaders try to say, that the new Temple should be built next to the mosque. That will never happen. The Jews have waited since 70-ad, when Titus destroyed their Temple for it to be rebuilt on the holy location. God will never allow His Temple to be built beside a mosque, so the mosque must be moved. God has never allowed His work to be done half way & never will.

Several presidents acted like they were going to move our Embassy to Israel, but none had the guts to do it. Back when Trump was discussing moving the Embassy, I was in a conversation about it with a liberal here. I said “we already have a building in Israel where we can put the Embassy”.

This liberal said “that’s impossible, that building is too small & it would take years”.

I have news for that liberal today & it didn’t take long. It was done on the date of Israel’s 70th anniversary becoming a state. (70) is always an important date & numbers in the Bible.

It won’t be long before the Jews will begin their restoration of their Temple.

Glory- Duck

God should never allow people who believe in him to be persecuted, raped, murdered, etc. etc., but it happens all the time.

Yet he cares enough about a building to say, “Don’t build my Temple next to a Mosque?”