The United States on the verge of a strategic loss in Yemen (Obama and Trump share this one)

To be fair, Obama started this particular crap shoot and Trump continued it, so they share responsibility.

THIS is the globalism that we need to be complaining about and fighting, the United States globally sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong.

While the United States will spin the result to some lame covering story, the truth is that this is a strategic loss for the United States. Saudi Arabia is pulling one way, the UAE is pulling another way and Shiites (and therefore Iran by proxy) will gain a stronger hold in Yemen.

A bunch of money wasted by the United States for absolutely zero return.

Here is my proposed foreign policy slogan:


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Really, I’m not seeing this as a major problem. It’s confusing as hell, but it’s Yemen. The southern faction is still anti Houthi, which is really all we care about.

Long past time to stop making war on the poorest people on the planet just because some of them irritatingly like somebody this government doesn’t

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