The ugly side of nationalism and patriotism

Kids head was fractured when this guy body slammed him because he wouldnt take his hate off.

WOW what a low life dirt bag. Still when he has to sell all his belongings to pay the suit i suppose he may reflect on his actions

Just following the leadership and non decisive rhetoric from the top!


Hope that piece of ■■■■ gets a harsh reality for the next 7 - 10 years.


Throw the book at him…and then don’t forget to add him to NICS.

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Obviously this guy is hoping to get elected to the House of Representatives with this action.

Presidential endorsement incoming

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Why are you posting this video? Stop spreading the hate and be divisive!

It’s really not the man’s fault. Once he sees a person wearing that attire he just couldn’t help himself.

Was it a maga hat, because I heard that makes this okay.


What is the maximum for assaulting a minor in Montana?

This. At least.

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Bodyslaming a journalist gets you a 2 year term in congress. I’m guessing bodyslaming a minor only gets you a city council position


The coward is also on probation.

Brockway has had previous run-ins with the law and is currently serving a 10-year probation sentence for another assault charge involving a weapon

Looks like he’s a repeat offender. When this kid is graduating college at 22, dude will still be tucking his cellmate into bed at night. Good riddance.

Funny this thread and then the other claiming the lack of patriotism from dems…

I couldnt have made my point any better.


But can you really love your country if you can body slam kids?

The fact that this is a real thing is still insane.

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I only ever see Republicans making that argument.

Unless you are hugging the flag and chanting USA, are you really a true American?