The Twenty-Fifth Amendment and The Democrat Dilemma

Twenty-Fifth Amendment, Section 2:

Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

With the mid-terms approaching and Biden’s approval numbers in the proverbial tank, the Democrats are faced with a dilemma. Do they keep Joe Biden for the full 4 years of his term, or do they cut their losses before a new congress is sworn in January?

Here is the problem for the Left. In the event Biden were to leave office early for any reason, the new president, presumably Harris, would then appoint a replacement for the V.P. spot. However, that person would have to meet the approval by majority vote of both houses of Congress. In January, that would be most likely be a Republican Congress.

This leaves Democrats with a tough choice. Ditch Biden soon and confirm a new V.P. before January or take a chance he will make it till the end of his term.

Any predictions?

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Joe Biden, barring any health related issues, will stay in office for the entirety of his term. There is 0% chance he is replaced.

I agree with Sky. No matter how bad he polls by November, they’re going to stick with him barring a resignation based on medical issues.

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democrats in 2020 have proven they don’t really need to campaign to win anymore. it’s how you get record amounts of votes in fact. amazing they can do that…

plus he’s the perfect blue suit in the chair puppet. plus the press practically ignores every gaffe he makes in his twilight.

i’d bet he runs again. unless they pull out Hillary again.


They had a 4 year campaign ad with Trump. What else is needed?

There is one very scary scenario that is theoretically possible involving Hillary. I don’t believe it will happen but here is how it would work.

• Kamal Harris resigns or is removed from office.
• Biden appoints Hillary to be the new V.P.
• Biden resigns or is removed from office.
• Hillary becomes president.

Again, not my perdition just a theoretical possibility.

Since you asked, fraud free elections.


And since you mentioned it. No credible evidence of election fraud has been brought forward in regards to the 2020 general election.

One seldom finds what they are not looking for, and if they do they often turn a blind eye.


There is one very scary scenario that is theoretically possible involving Trump. I don’t believe it will happen but here is how it would work.

• The GOP takes control of the Congress in 2022.
• The GOP appoints Trump as the Speaker of the House.
• The GOP House impeaches both Biden and Harris.
• The GOP Senate convicts both Biden and Harris and removes them from Office.
• As the Speaker Trump becomes president again.
• Because Trump was only elected once, he is eligible to run in 2024. Due to election fraud and gerrymandering the GOP gets Trump elected for a 3rd term in 2024.

Again, not my perdition just a theoretical possibility. And since the intent appears to come up with just some crazy ■■■■■ I thought I’d help.



I also doubt that would happen, but one can always dream.

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Oh, but you are wrong. The indisputable facts are that the election was not fair, and if not fair, it was election fraud.

Big tech and big media conspired to suppress Hunter Biden’s laptop. People have stated that if they had known about the laptop before the election, they would not have voted for Brandon.

Mark Zuckerberg spent half a billion dollars layering on top of local officials with an army of election activists officials.

Democrat lawyers brought lawsuits, extended deadlines, weakened signature requirements and allowed all the unsolicited ballots and no verifiable chain of custody. Paraphrasing Jesse Watters.


The indisputable fact is that not one piece of credible evidence of election fraud has been offered in over 60 court cases and multiple audits.

Oh, it takes a court to decide it? LOL. Zuckerberg did not deny his part in the election. He did say he was not going to use his money to sway another election.

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The election was as phony as Television Wrestling, but you will never get the Democrats to acknowledge that as they got what they wanted. The end justifies the means in their perverted view or things.


How does this amount to fraud though? Spending money to influence elections is as American as apple pie. Billionaire Democrats do it, and billionaire Republicans do it.

You guys keep bringing up Zuckerberg. Why? He didn’t do anything illegal. And there were equally large donations to the Trump PAC’s.

Fraud: a person or thing intended to deceive others.

Something can be unfair and not be illegal.

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That none of this will happen.

But I’ll play.

Wait until after the mids, nominate AOC, and tell the R’s to pound sand.

If they don’t approve AOC, next up: Warren. Then Buttigieg. And on and on.

The country can function just fine without a veep.