The Truth About Illegal Immigration

There’s a Canadian YouTube journalist out of Alberta I’ve come to enjoy that IMO tells it like it is. She backs up her claims with research and connects the dots to conclusions that I find rational and believable. Her article today is regarding last week’s lib “feeling” meme that was being pushed in an attempt to once again stir up emotions against President Trump. Rachel Maddow was one of the worst examples I’ve seen in recent years attempting to stir the emotional pot but in reality…was selling a nothing burger. What’s the price for this nothing burger…votes in November and nothing more. The left does not care about the children they’re putting on television to use for nothing more than to garner votes. The journalist goes by The Truth Factory so let’s hear your thoughts. Is she telling the truth?

I listened to most of it and everything she’s said is true but there are language violations in there that will get you in trouble so you probably want to delete it.

Thanks WR. I didn’t hear anything offensive or I wouldn’t have posted it. I apologize beforehand if there’s any language offensive to anyone that I’ve missed.

Please take this as a warning.

At 9 minutes, she says that 80% of the women and children are raped crossing the border. That is a horrendous statistic and one I’ve not heard stated in the MSM. What say you?

I know, that’s why I gave you the head’s up. It’s really well done other than a few slips of the tongue.

Why no comments regarding this from the liberals here? Is this the truth? Does using children to sell a political agenda seem appropriate to you? Do you actually care? There were protests in over 100 cities across the nation this past week? Why didn’t they protest when President Obama was in office?

They’re temporarily out of breath, give it time.

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I’ve got to go run to work and wrap up the month of June. I was on vacation last week and have a lot to do. I’ll check back in and see if…the cat has their tongue?

That’ll give them time to work out how to troll the thread.

The truth about immigration is that it is a huge net positive for the United States.


Well that’s blatantly false in every way.

Immigration provides benefits to the United States, illegal immigration does not.

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It’s hard to understand why anyone would choose to conflate the two? It’s not the same thing. Thanks.

I agree. This thread is about illegal immigration. Are you under the impression it’s one and the same thing?

Separating children from their parents is a good policy.

True or false?


-getting proof of parenthood is good policy
-separating the child from adults until that is obtained is good policy

  • detaining law breakers who have flight risk is a good thing
  • keeping children out of detention centers that hold dangerous lawbreakers is a good thing.

yes or no

and how does one get such proof?


Thats a NO.


What is that?

aka the old zero tolerance scam.