The Trumps Have Maxed Out the Secret Service's Budget

This guy loves his golf…

Trump is already on track to spend more on travel in a year than President Obama did in eight, with a huge swath of that cost coming from the security detail required to protect him and his family.

Taxpayers bent over to pay for the presidents lavish travel and golf weekends? Secret Service stretched thin and quitting because of the long hours and too much time on the road. Spending more on personal travel in one year than Obama’s eight years. I thought he was going to be too busy to leave the WH?


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Thats alot of money going into trumps pocket…

Hmm, I wonder where all that money is going to.

The tweets and rants from conservatives that complained about the cost to protect obama are going to be epic…

After all, they were concerned about the money and not who it was protecting, right?

I remember, can’t wait to see the equal outrage applied to this story.

And they’re mostly paying Trump to protect Trump. Amazing.

Getting totally grifted to own the libs!

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Hardest working reality TV celebrity in DC.

Remember “why does the president go on state visits when Skype exists?” Lol good times.


Trump might want to Skype his next trip

The OP article traces back to this article:

It is based on an extrapolation from the first 80 days of Trump’s Presidency.
Its a little late to be using that as a projection. So how has it panned out?

The OP article also traces back to this one:

Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles, in an interview with USA TODAY, said more than 1,000 agents have already hit the federally mandated caps for salary and overtime allowances that were meant to last the entire year.

Tea Party is mobilizing as we speak.


Sure he’s making millions off of taxpayers and foreign governments because of his position but he told us he’s not taking his $400k salary so all is good. Right?

Ha! Hope they do it.

Where is the tea party? Where is Trumpcare? Why is our debt exploding?

I feel like we’ve already done this story.

You guys sure love recycled news.

Didn’t Trump say in an interview that he could make himself a lot fo money if he on the presidency? Or was it he could make a lot of money running for president?

He’s gonna blow the Social Security budget out of the water four years in a row so you’ll probably hear about it at least 4 times.

Aren’t you an old tea party guy and birther who claims Obama is gay?