The Trump-Kim Commerorative Coin Is Out

As I understand it, travel or “trip” coins are a thing (i.e., going back years). Here’s the new one for the Trump-Kim meeting made by the White House Communication Agency. What do we think? Aesthetically pleasing? Send the right message? Anyone planning on getting one of these for his or her collection?

Where do we order these from? Franklin Mint?

The picture doesn’t show scale very well. Is it big enough to use for, say, a large belt buckle? That would be optimal.

Hannity forum favorite Chuck Schumer has weighed in on this vital issue:

I was trying to find some other trip coins to compare, but it’s been hard for some reason.

more than likely a little larger than a quarter and a little smaller than a half dollar coin.

All the one’s I’ve got (commemerative coins) are that size.

I would prefer a design without Kim’s face on it.

It would probably look better without the heads entirely, but I won’t begrudge Trump if he wants his face on it-- preferably alone.

I’m all for another thing for Trumpkins to waste their money on.

Is this actually a coin or a more like a medallion, no currency value?

I think these are usually just commemorative medallions, but I am not sure.

It’s a trinket. Something they can hand out to folks that go on the trip and the like. More like the pins that you can get at the Olympics kind of thing.

Not a monetary coin at all.

Isn’t it a possibility that this thing might not even happen?

I’d say once the coin is out, all systems are go, man.

I am only half-kidding: both sides have a lot invested in this, and you know Trump really wants the spectacle and pageantry.

Kim should love the fact that the world’s greatest super power recognise him as “Supreme” Leader.

Okay, yeah, the phrase is a little jarring.

Yeah. If these talks lead to absolutely nothing, Kim gets everything he wants out of it and everything he’s wanted for two or more administrations.

Remember when the Bush policy was that efforts with NK had to be multilateral? It ran counter to his willingness to go it alone in other areas.

Trump has legitimated Kim on the world stage and given him the bilateral status with the Presidency of the United States that Kim covets so deeply. Along withe concessions on military exercises, it is a lot to give up.

I hope the investment works out. I find it unlikely.

They should have one with Obama giving Iran a pallet of cash…

Deflection noted. I mean you posted, so obviously it’s a deflection, but stay on topic?

A commemorative coin was the topic. And it’s called a joke…

Yeah, sure.

I don’t think it fully captures the magnificent absurdity of either man’s hair.

That’s no way to talk about The Supreme Leader.