The Trump Doctrine

The best distillation of the Trump Doctrine I heard, though, came from a senior White House official with direct access to the president and his thinking. I was talking to this person several weeks ago, and I said, by way of introduction, that I thought it might perhaps be too early to discern a definitive Trump Doctrine.

“No,” the official said. “There’s definitely a Trump Doctrine.”

“What is it?” I asked. Here is the answer I received:

“The Trump Doctrine is ‘We’re America, Bitch.’ That’s the Trump Doctrine.”

How far will Trump go to alienate us from the rest of the world.

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That sound like a good description of the average intellect of the Trump supporter. Seriously.


Reminds me of the “America - ■■■■ Yeah” song from the Team America: World Police movie. I won’t link for obvious reasons. :wink:


Well, at least the Doctrine has a simple expression to describe it.

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My version of the Trump doctrine is:
Got mine, screw you

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We’re America Bitch*

*unless you are Putin then we apologize

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Needs to be simple for the Simpleton in Chief.

I think the question is this. How much of the Trump Doctrine will the rest of the world put up with. I don’t think The BIG ORANGE ONE is trying to alienate the rest of the world. I think he thinks he is restoring our rightful place in the world order…A bigger question is this…can it be done? and can it be done with out alienating ourselves from the rest of the world.

I am interested to see how the whole issue of trade works out. I for one have long been an open critic of free trade. But after 20 plus years of the current agreements being in place…can we effectively turn back. I tend to think not. Trump seems to think he can? If he can. He will get an attaboy from me for sure.

I have an idea for a picture he might like.

The problem is that he seems unreceptive to the feelings of others. I believe that in his world everyone likes him. After all that happened at the summit he came away saying that he and the other leaders have a great relationship.

I think we know he’s a classic narcissist.

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Yep…that is part of the problem…the other part of the problem is that his EGO believes that he is able to just say jump and the world will say how high sir?

anonymous sources = FAKE NEWS

:slight_smile: The writer of the article brought that up too.

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How far did previous administrations go to placate the world? Perhaps this Presidency is simply trying to restore a bit of balance.

You’re kidding, right

Russia and Gyna agree with this statement.

I think pissing off our long time allies to make kissy faces with Russia, China, and North Korea is “restoring a bit of balance”. If you have a penchant for authoritarian ■■■■■■■■, that is.

Who knew trade agreements were so hard?

That’s just fantastic.