The Trump Campaign Says Exploiting Hacked Emails Is Free Speech


And can you point me to this fifty person statute?


Its a rule of thumb created 10 minutes ago.

Shortly before that it took “hundreds of people”.


No matter how much you insist, it’s not.


Like most pro-Trump b.s, , your argument has no logic to it.


Typical, losing the argument, roll out the ad hominem, persuasive.


What ad hominem? You were making a pointless argument. What do Trump’s lawyers (or journalists) have to do with hacking?


That would make more sense if a person on said email chain disclosed the emails instead of having them illegally accessed and stolen.


No difference, once it enters the public domain its fair game for anyone. As long as Trump didn’t conspire to steal them he is in the clear. Otherwise you are going to have to bring down every journalist and even private citizen who published or talked about them.



10 Charles


You missed the point of the argument being made.


If Romney had been as genius as trump, he would have ensured that all staff working that night would be required to sign a nda. This is really more of a failure to plan ahead.


Oh…do “we” care about laws again? Wow…when did this happen?


Trump Republicans certainly don’t.


When are you going to change your name to “Lefty”?


When are you gonna care about law and order?


Look, all we are saying is that if you charge a Republican with something, you must go find a Democrat and charge them with the same thing. It’s not fair to arrest criminals unless both parties are represented. I’m with Smyrna.


That’s like when CNN reprints hacked DNC e-mails. Obviously… Did you want some truth police to stop them?


To the extreme left, 90% of the voters are right wing with themselves being in the middle. They see no left wing.


Check out “Pentagon Papers”. Its out there, it can be spread…free speech and press.


This is a civil tort. “Statutes” have nothing to do with it, this is all common law.

Seriously, read the article. All of you guys are ranting on and on about whether this is a crime or not are missing the point.

I don’t think this lawsuit has much ground to go on - these DNC donors will almost certainly lose the case - but statutory law has very little to do with it.