The Trump Campaign Says Exploiting Hacked Emails Is Free Speech


Taping that conversation of Romney may or may not have been illegal. No charges were filed.
We will never know, most likely. I have seen arguments both ways.
Kind of like this.


Innocent until proven guilty. He committed no crime.

Hacking emails is clearly illegal, however. No doubt about it.


Yep. Whoever did it.
You suspect Trump?


Not really.

Just pointing out the problem in your comparison.


Why would the journalists be responsible? They didn’t do the hacking.


You’re talking about a comment made to a group of people. It’s not the same as a hacked email.


That’s not even the samething…how ■■■■■■■ weak…


You’re complaining about nothing specific just lumping everything into a generalization. If there’s an illegal leak, produce the leaker. Hacked emails are very much illegal. As far as the Romney speech, if that was illegal prosecute the leaker. He’s been revealed. Get him.


Well no…hacking emails is illegal…once released you enter into the wonderful of Information and you cant stop that.

See hacking emails, giving info of said emails to someone to help a campaign is illegal…

But you will try to spin this is some dumb fashion.


It was a private meeting, not a public meeting. Yes, it is the same.


If Trump or Stone hacked the emails, go for it. In many states recording private conversations without consent is also illegal.


using the hacked emails in coordination is conspiracy.

you really didnt think i was going to go for that worthless bait right?


There is an expectation of privacy at a banquet in front of hundreds of people? I think not.


A camera secretly recorded Romney from a serving table at the edge of the room as he addressed an audience of 40 or 50 at the $50,000-a-plate event, delivering remarks that would make headlines four months later. Romney dismissed Obama supporters as entitled “victims.”


It’s not the same galaxy. So pathetic.


Are Trumps lawyers arguing they did the hacking? Jeesh


Shouldn’t they be protected under the same law that makes stolen materiel accessible by the press.


Hacking them is illegal, reprinting them or talking about them once they are disseminated isn’t.


My mistake.

I don’t think there’s an expectation of privacy in a room of 50 people plus staff.


So if fifty people were on those email chains, they didn’t have an expectation of privacy either, right?