The Trump Campaign Says Exploiting Hacked Emails Is Free Speech

Hmm… I wonder what they’re really trying to say. Anyone wanna guess?

Lubing the truth…they are ■■■■■■…

Even if we colluded with a foreign power to obtain and selectively leak information stolen from our political enemies, so what?


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I think I’m going to buy some stock in popcorn related companies…

Getting ready to form a tighter circle around the wagons when the “no collusion” perimeter is breached

Which stage of grief is this?

Did any of the journalists who printed them go to jail?

Using them once released and conspiring to obtain them, not the same thing.

So its technically not illegal?

It’s not illegal period. Again, how many journalists went to jail for printing them? Any of them even charged? Do we have one set of free speech protections for journalists and one for everyone else? Neat trick, considering the government doesn’t get to decide who is and isn’t a journalist.

This is a civil suit, not a criminal charge.

How many journalists are being sued or have been successfully? What? None? Ok.

Journalists are sued for invasion of privacy all the time.

Gotta love the new GOP.

“Well, it’s not illegal…”

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just wait until someone like Germany helps a Democratic Presidential Candidate.

They already did.

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has branded leading U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a threat to peace and prosperity while Chancellor Angela Merkel said it had always been a pleasure to work with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Whether Donald Trump, Marine le Pen or Geert Wilders - all these right-wing populists are not only a threat to peace and social cohesion, but also to economic development,” Gabriel told Welt am Sonntag newspaper in an interview published on Sunday.

I remember Democrat refused to exploit the illicitly taped comments by Romney at a private meeting about how the 47% who pay not taxes would vote for Obama.
Oh, wait, no I don’t.

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They have been running here breathlessly with every leak that makes him look bad they can get their hands on. Many of them illegally leaked.

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First, lets have somebody establish that the Republicans helped Russia publish on wikileaks. Russia can figure out how to publish anything they want on the internet.
And, of course, once it was published on the internet there was no privacy left.
It seems like that defense argument about being able to help publish on wikileaks is just an “even if it did happen” type argument, common in court papers.
Anyway, I’m sure Kavanaugh will help sort it out.

Illegal vs illicit.

Remember the difference?