The Trump administration raised tariffs on China

At 12:01 a.m. ET on Friday tariffs were raise to 25 percent from 10 percent on 200 billion dollars worth of good from China.

China responding within minutes saying “We hope the United States will meet us halfway, and work with us to resolve existing issues through cooperation and consultation.”

Now think about that for moment. They wanted us to compromise with and meet them halfway on what? Stealing our technology and other intellectual property? Currency manipulation?

Isn’t that like compromising with a thief, or a robber that stealing/robbing you?

Now those business that relied on China will howl, but keep in mind they had months to plan on new supply line…months, hall a year now. So don’t buy into their BS.

Also Trump administration needs to slap on that 25 percent on those remaining $325 billion worth of Chinese goods that not taxed.

We should now send well publicized trade representatives.groups to other Asian nations like Vietnam, Indonesia etc. That will send China a clear message that United States is looking for alternatives trading partners.

Also If I were Trump I would have Europeans on phone…it’s good time for them to renegotiate their trade agreement…since they’re stealing their intellectual property rights.

You understand that China will now increase their own tariffs and the costs of both countries’ tariffs will just be passed onto the consumers, right?


At this point, he appears determined to wreck the economy - which unfortunately may be what’s needed for some to realize what an unmitigated disaster this presidency is.

I hope he proves you wrong.

No. Trump said not to believe this when we hear it. He said most of the tariffs will be paid by China.

Trump will not send those representatives to other Asian nations because that would align him too closely with President Obama. The Obama Administration sent those sorts of reps out – organized a deal to limit China’s economic power called the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) and even expanded it to include some valuable pro-US reform of NAFTA.

In debate candidate Trump claimed that TPP benefited China, which it did not, showing he had no understanding of the matter. Once of his earliest acts in office was to cancel TPP, thus losing all its benefits, but signaling that no Obama policy would remain standing if Trump had his way.

I assume you are a socialist Obama lover since you call on President Trump to revive Obama’s pro-American policies.


Do you guys know what a real business person does, like Warren Buffett, who hasn’t been given millions of dollars by their daddy and then lost billions and can’t get a US car loan?

They actually sit down with their adversaries and they negotiate without playing bully 24/7.

They don’t have to constantly threaten because they have the power of their intellect.

Because of Trump’s last round of tariffs, wash machines here in the USA went up $100.

China can stall this till trump is out. Just saying


He’s already started this, but it’s gonna be a main talking point from Trump that China is only being difficult because of Biden and it’s Biden’s fault that they won’t negotiate now. Then it will be a main talking point here, on Fox New, on Hannity, on Rush…

Think of all the fabulous health insurance those tariffs will cover.


Look. The USA is the world’s most desired market, not China. Tariffs will stop the last minute renegotiating and get the deal done. China trust took a big nosedive this week.


Which is stupid…naturally. because the greatest negotiator cant get it done…

$4B in a day in February.

3.8B in January.

Warren Buffett on Trump’s tough trade negotiations: Sometimes you have to ‘act half crazy’

Stop posting bull ■■■■■

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What it God’s name is this moron talking about?

Um…maga duh


Yeah that article actually proves CITM’s point.

And single day losses are meaningless over a careers worth of “winning”.

Yeah, no it doesn’t.

Amazing post