The Trump administration approves Oceanic seismic tests

Well then…plow on! ■■■■ the environment!


And you can back this up with a link saying such? Or would any link you provide be more the the “might, could, possible” variety?

You mean like many environmental wacko’s that stopped logging and other good management of forrest just to see them burn?

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And punt! WOOOOOO

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I underestimated how loud they are,

What’s the difference?

They’ll get over it. Yeah… sound propagates differently in the ocean. Some may hear it louder and some may not hear it at all. Thermoclines are funny like that. Here is a recording that was made 900 miles from its source. But… amazingly, there is still life in the ocean.
The sounds you are wringing your hands over are like a whisper in comparison.

And if you want to argue about that, we can then talk about sonar systems that have been in common use -YES… EVEN DURING OBAMA YEARS - that send out pings that require thousands of volts to create. The levels that the OP is talking about are experienced many times a day. The same level of sound is generated from undersea earthquakes at earthquake magnitudes between 4 and 5… to the tune of about 30,000 events a year. But I’m sure the OP knew that before posting this handwringing thread.

The hand wringers must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to be offended about.

The whales will evolve to deal with sounds like this. The ones that are better suited will affect the gene pool. Live goes on. Only man would have the hubris to believe they can change the forces of life.

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In protest, Democrats should stop driving or riding in vehicles that use fossil fuels.

Sorry man… that is a dumb argument.

Paying a few cents more for petroleum makes sense to protect the fisheries that we rely on

Which is why I said that we seem to be favoring or trading one industry for another

Can’t eat oil though.


Sorry, but that is a dumb argument.
Are you saying it would be equal treatment if farmers were allowed to do seismic tests or it would be equal treatment if oil exploration companies were allowed to plow the ocean?
Each industry is just doing what is necessary for them to produce the products we use.

Why even bring up earthquakes? OP and everyone knows that they are loud. You’re the only person who thinks it’s relevant. We aren’t discussing protecting marine life from the occasional loud sounds, just constant loud sounds.

If straight piped cars drove by your home every 12 seconds, that wouldn’t be the same as hearing an occasional motorcycle.

And in deflecting to sonar use in previous administrations, you seem to have forgotten that there were a ton of complaints back then too, even during Bush II. Americans just don’t like being unnecessarily mean to animals.

If a neigboring farmer could show that a nearby industry is harmful to production then yes… there is a problem.

The idea of protecting the commons is not a new idea.

The thread title.

Fat Donald doesn’t care if marine life and the fisheries are damaged or destroyed, as long as he can still order that Big Mac and fries.

Whales and other marine life are the enemy of the people.

Oil is the friend of the people.

My wife shot her first deer several years ago with a rifle I bought her for Christmas. Her first shot was low. Three doe just stood there, wondering what just happened and, I suspect, what that next blade of grass was going to taste like. She took another shot, this time with a little more patience than before and a little less nervousness. The second shot went straight through the heart and dropped her cold.

I’d imagine that’s how the sea life will react to this sonic probing. “What was tha…mmmmmm plankton.”

If one could make the deer all deaf especially if there were only 400 deer left on the world… the we might be comparing apples

So you have evidence this has deafened whales?

It does appear to be the case…or close to it?

LOL…30,000 a year is “occasional”?

Comparing artificial sounds with natural sounds is a reasonable approach to assessing the damage caused by the man made sounds. It beats emotional and subjective posts that did not use research to justify the outrage. One might reasonably ask, “how loud is too loud?”. But now that I’ve posted the fact that there are frequent occurances (30,000 a year) of such magnitudes, it seems now that the emotional response is to be based on … what… the periodicity of the blasts? “Motorcycles” every 10 seconds for the duration of the animals’ lives? Or is it just for a short time while the area is being surveyed? I think the latter.