The true problem with trump

I was reading the interview from the architect of the bin laden raid and I’m sure now he will be called deep state or a lib but I couldn’t put it in any better words then his own.
ashington(CNN)Retired Adm. William McRaven said Thursday that the US is under attack from President Donald Trump, who he believes is working to “destroy” the country from “within” and “without.”

“If you want to destroy an organization, any organization, you destroy it from within, you destroy it from without and then what you do is you convince everybody that you’re doing the right thing,” McRaven told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead.”

"So when you take a look at what the President has done, he’s undermined the intelligence community, the law enforcement community, the Department of Justice, the State Department. He has called the press the enemy of the American people and I will tell you, I’ve fought a lot of America’s enemies. The press is not the enemy of the American people.

Absolutely and fat donald is accelerating the destruction because of the impeachment inquiry. He knows whats coming.

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The elected officials determine US policies, not unelected bureaucrats. If there is a difference between Comey, Strzok and McCabe vs an elected President, only one represents the United States people. It isn’t Brennan and it isn’t Strzok.
These people wanted to be the government. They had no right to it.



Neat. So back to the uh, conversation at hand.


So, uhh, what’s the difference between Comey, Strzok and McCabe…

and Giuliani?

That’s right, Giuliani wasn’t elected or appointed, but he was negotiating policy for the U.S. and Ukraine…

and feathering his own nest as well.


So Trump wasn’t “destroying from within” the US. He was making sure that those agencies represent the elected authority, as it should.
The US is doing just fine. Never better. Same with the government agencies like the DOJ. Some people who thought they had a right to control things just found out they didn’t.
The media? Trump isn’t destroying the media. CNN is doing just fine with their hate Trump Democrat constiutents. Sure, they have lost most of their credibility with half the country. That wasn’t Trump. That was CNN.

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Retired flag officer saying the President is destroying the country and needs to be replaced. Pronto.

Must be CNN’s fault.

CNN searches out people who hate Trump and make news stories out of that. They’ve been doing it for three years.
They could find some other distinguished military person who would say the opposite if they wanted to. They wont.

No it was Trump… let’s use some facts. Post 5 fake articles/stories, then post why they were fake from cnn. Let’s just stick to the last 90 days.

Then I will find 5 lies by Trump in the same time frame.

Let’s see who can find more fakeness. Deal?

Doesn’t make them fake… it might make them bias.

Retired flag officer. These guys don’t trash the civilian leadership of the country. Can you remember the last time a flag or general officer advocated for the speedy removal of a President?

It’s not about cnn. I know why folks need to think it is, though.

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I didn’t say anything about fake. Its bias.
Count the stories on CNN that seem anti Trump in the past 90 days. Now count the stories that are pro Trump. Hows that balance go.
Ok, you don’t like Trump either so you will say that there is nothing positive to write.
Now do the same thing with Breitbart. Likely you will get the reverse.

Nearly half the people in the country voted for Trump. CNN could easily find as many pro Trump people to interview as they have found anti Trump people to interview. Have they done so?
No, it is CNN’s choice to drop half the country from their constituency.

Notice how these people use the term “unelected bureaucrats”.

In a flip of a switch when they are out of power they rail against dirty politicians. Lol.

Do not let them own the narrative. They are evil and sad.


Look. I’m sure he has been distinguished and a credit to the country. That doesn’t make him right on this, not one bit. The issue has to stand on its own, not his credentials.

Did I bring up “fake”?

Name one good thing that Trump has done in the last 90 days that CNN didn’t report on?

The president and others on this board use the term “fake news” not “bias news”

We wouldn’t agree, so I’m not going that far afield.