THE SUSPECT: Authorities Identify ‘Mail Bomb’ Suspect as 56-Year Old Cesar Sayoc, Jr. | Sean Hannity

Federal authorities arrested a suspect in south Florida in connection with a series of “suspicious packages” sent to prominent Democrats Friday morning, with multiple media outlets identifying the man as 56-year old Cesar Sayoc, Jr.

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Isn’t it interesting how CNN and other news sources are identifying a former New Yorker with a Hispanic name as simply a white Florida resident. It is true that people of Spanish origin are just as white as the French, Italians and Greeks but here, they like to clearly separate the Hispanics from the rest of the European descendents. Just like Latino refers to a language group so the French and Italians are also Latinos because Spanish, French and Italian are all Latin languages. Just saying.

Who besides you cares whether CNN identifies the MAGA Bomber as “white”?

What relevance is it that the MAGA Bomber was once living in New York?

Or that he allegedly has a “Hispanic name”?


Are you trying to deflect away from the fact the man is the MAGA Bomber?

I care that the media is immediately claiming he is a MAGA supporter yet the personal info on him listed him as a Green Party member who worked for the Democrat Party, at least until his profile was suddenly changed.