The Supreme Court Is Not The Final Say On The Constitution


You must be joking.

No he wasn’t. He’s right about the oligarchy.


And you are one of those people who has accepted being the subject of an Ivy League oligarchy made up of old lawyers in bath robes.

Get woke!


Yes, he was.

SCOTUS isn’t an oligarchy no matter how much you despise it.



Do you know who James Buchanan was?


Median LSAT score at Antonin Scalia Law School is 163. Not exactly the creme de la creme.


A college of law that exists because of the Koch Brothers wantied an intellectual base for their Libertarian philosophy.

I think it is fine that the Koch’s do this… I have no problem with it but the George Mason University schools of Economics and Law exist to have academic legitimacy to their beliefs founded in Bircher roots.

Just realize that the College exists for that and understand where their arguments are coming from.


They run the country.


Yes. Yes, it would.


Yes. Do you know who Diego Armando Maradona is?


You think your smarter than this guy?


Can’t address the material. Go after the source, school, person. I’m surprised.


He has an association with George mason University?


Do Birchers run Texas A&M too?


The material is wierdly argued.

But that is part and parcel of what that school teaches.


Based on nothing but the LSAT scores, I know I’m at least better than 75% of George Mason at taking the LSAT by a pretty decent margin. :man_shrugging:


I understand.


Probably not.

George Mason Law attracts a certain type of ideology and it gets reinforced there and opens up a pipeline into conservative think tanks.

I am not saying that a thing like that is bad.

It just is.




I understand.


I answered the only objective way I could. How could I possibly know if I’m more intelligent than this particular individual based on nothing but a single article? I mean, the article is quite naive, pedantic and lacking perspective. But that could be a symptom of youth and inexperience rather than a lack of intelligence.