The Supreme Court has released its final (April sitting) argument calendar for the October 2019 Term, Trump's name is on the final case of the term

Link contains links to all the argument calendars, including the just released April sitting.

The term will conclude with consolidated oral arguments in Little Sisters of the Poor v Pennsylvania and Trump v Pennsylvania. This, of course, is about the conscious exception for birth control.

Monday begins the February sitting.

The two highlights of the February sitting are a major case regarding the method of appointment at the Consumer Protection Bureau and a very important case on abortion. The February sitting leads off with a case regarding who can grant a right of way under the Appalachian Trail.

Actually, I believe it’s called the Tallahassee Trail. :rofl:

I had to look that one up, as it didn’t register with me.

I don’t pay enough attention to Trump to catch every gaff. :smile: