The Super Bowl 54 Thread

Any thought of the upcoming Super Bowl between the 49ers and the Chiefs?

Who do you think will win?

Hoping to see a KC victory. If they can’t contain the running game, however, SF wins in a rout.

IMO this is your typical defensive beating. Mahomes has no time in the pocket and the 49ers win going away.

Is anyone going to miss the Patriots in the Super Bowl?

Reading Super Bowl Twitter will be less fun. Who will America is going to root against?

If the 49ers pressure Mahomes and play solid zone defense it might be a long day for KC.
And if KC shuts down the 49ers running game, Garoppolo will need to step up (which I think he can).
Go 49ers!!!

Not really they won enough :)… I will probably be for Kansas as they have only won one Super Bowl compared to the 49ers who have quiet a few Super Bowls under their belt.

Neither team I care for much though so don’t really care that much who wins.

Liking SF and the under. Something like 24-20.

I think the 49ers have the defense and offense to beat Kansas City by the score of 28 - 24.

Used to be a big Niner fan, back to the Montana Rice days. When Kaepernick started his kneeling, did the boycott Niner/NFL thing. Ain’t kneeling any more so coming back tonight for the first time in a couple of years, Just came back I guess am going for the Niners again. Don’t know the players so learning stuff tonight.

That was a terrible God Bless America. Nice National Anthem

Richard Sherman used to be the enemy when he was shutting down Kaepernick’s passing game when he was with Seattle, strange to me seeing him on the Niners.

Take it to the house kid!

That was a riot!

4th & 1 a rythm spin around first time I’ve seen that & they pound it in. Wounded duck interception. Chiefs twice succeed on 4th down


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We all knew this was coming eventually. :roll_eyes:

Shakira totally lip-synching.

Way too much Shakira.

I want JLo.

The not caring? I don’t either, though I think 49ers have the edge. KC and Mahomes are awesome, just think that D will hold out.

I was hoping for Mariah Carey New Years Eve a few years ago. That would have been entertaining.

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It seems that whenever there’s a sports thread here, at least one member has to come in and announce they dont care, dont like the sport, etc. I really dont see the point unless they’re trying to insinuate they are above that kind of thing. I just dont post in threads I’m not interested in. Novel approach, I know.