The Sunday Times (UK) "Russia will strike West if rockets hit us" Putin ally

It gets Interesting again,

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Oh look, another non patriot afraid of a little nuclear radiation.


< raises Ukraine flag even higher >

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god love that totally un-corrupt Ukraine

fight their war for them, America!

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I wouldn’t sacrifice my dog for Ukraine. Let alone a person. Psst, you knew who your neighbor was, you had decades to build your defense, you failed, your fault.


I still wonder if there are Russian Generals in the hierarchy who would push the button at Putin’s command?

Plenty couldn’t care less when Germany invaded Poland either.

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Where is Country Joe and the Fish to sing a song



Putin isn’t Hitler.

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Why hasn’t he nuked us already since it’s clear we have been siding with and assiting Ukraine?

It’s the neo-nazis getting invaded this time. :rofl:

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Because they can’t. :sunglasses:

You’re right- he’s more dangerous.

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Sounds like this foolhardy â– â– â– â–  is getting out of control. There are consequences. Even Macron is back peddling.

I am not Pro Russian. I have been saying all along that Zskyy is sacraficing his people…

Keep an eye on the Chinese / Russian alliance which is getting stronger.

And now we got the Russian
vs Ukraine conflict fueling the food and energy shortages around the western world, rising costs and climate issues.

We are in a world of â– â– â– â– â– 

If a country invaded the US- would you be fine with ceding- say- Texas in order for the occupiers to stop?

I cannot make this â– â– â– â–  up. No what ifs here bro. America invaded Vietnam. Americans have cast a few stones.

I was unaware Ukraine was a state.

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What percent of the US would you be fine with losing if you were under attack?

Who said ukraine should like it?