The stupidity of govt planners or EV Battery shortage by 2025

A 5,000 mAh graphene composite battery (about the equivalent of a normal Li+ cell phone battery) will fully charge in 17 minutes. Also for sale on Amazon.

I think Chernobyl is less an issue of it being government run as much as it was which government ran it. I think it should be government run but there needs to be full transparency and citizen oversight.

I think it should be a combination of both.

With nuclear power you can’t exclusively trust businessmen or bureaucrats. Both will cut corners unless they hold each other accountable.

And our government isn’t immune to the issues the Soviets had. Every government has an inherent desire to save face and avoid humiliation. They’ll cut costs just as bad as the private sector will.

I agree which is why transparency is important. I would want the private side, if involved, to at least be non-profit.

We called that the ■■■■ Up and Move Up plan.

Govt is sooooooo good at that.

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2025? Gosh, if we only had some time to deal with it🙁

Also, the reactor had fundamental design flaws

Flaws that were identified in 1975 but were then covered up. Had they simply told all the plant workers about the issues, it probably could have been avoided.

The central problem was the control rod design. It was stupidly designed. Combine the graphite (which increased reactivity) tips with a positive void coefficient issue and it’s a shock that a RBMK didn’t explode earlier. Thing was a disaster waiting to happen.

Right, I was speaking more to the governement/coverup angle.

Yeah, I jumped in mid thread. My bad😉

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Wait a minute I was looking forward to my new Ford 150 EV. Liberals are screwing everything up. Gas bills will quadtriple and people will have to stay home

It is stupid to put energy delivery eggs in one basket.

Celebrate diversity…buy combustion.

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Have to disagree. They go much farther without stopping and gas stations are every where.

That’s true look at all the power problems in Cal.because of trying to go mostly to wind and solar.

No blackouts around here.

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That’s for power a phone etc. not a car. LMAO!!!

And it very much exists. The tech is taking off in a big way.

Yes, we should. Sadly, nukes have a bad rep because govt forced them into being used before they were ready for prime time. Just like now with solar panels.

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It exists, but it’s not near powerful enough to power cars …

It will be, within the next few years.

I heard about that and if true, that’s incredible. I also just heard about “blue fuel” that gets incredible mileage with little to no pollution.

Blue Fuel Energy