The stupidity of govt planners or EV Battery shortage by 2025

The climate change cult that’s leading the country right now is completely out of touch with reality. But, they don’t care because they work for the govt. Truth is irrelevant. Virtue signaling is how they get ahead. Not increasing Americans standard of living. Their plans are to make everything electric. But there is one problem.

The looming Lithium shortage.

The really odd part is that lithium mining is far from “Eco friendly”. Yet, this is how they are going to save the planet.

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Graphene is the key to the future. Not just for energy, but also for things like a space elevator.

But thats doesn’t exist. You might as well say the future will be saved by energy Fairies…

Graphene composite batteries are already for sale on the market.

20,000 milliamp hours, charges in under 2 hours. It’s already here. It can only get better from here.

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Now consider the increased demand for electricity that will be required to recharge all of these cars…where’s it going to come from? It won’t just be a battery shortage, there’ll be an electricity shortage too.

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I vote for tripling our nuclear reactors and quadrupling hydroelectric plants.


Can you imagine the mess there would be if we went to nearly all electric cars and folks in mass needed to flee say a hurricane or something.

When the batteries got low tens of thousands trying to jam into not that many charging stations??? :thinking:

I vote for that too but i’m keeping my gasoline powered car. :grinning:

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Definitely need more nuclear. I think we were making progress in turning public perception of nuclear power for little while there, but then unfortunately Fukushima happened and set things back.


Yeah cuz there are no gas shortages during a hurricane evacuation. Can you imagine the mess we would be if a million person evacuation is ordered and they cars hit the road st the same time some running out of gas because of gas shortages…. Literally an annual occurrence.

No matter how you look at it, Nuclear energy is among the safest in the world.

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Nah, the politicians are already calling for breaching hydroelectric dams so don’t count on that electricity source in the future.


Then I want a Small Modular Reactor for my home.


Since the 1950s we’ve only had three really bad accidents.

  1. Chernobyl, which can’t really be blamed on nuclear power itself. It was the fault of short sighted design, the Soviets’ obsession with not being humiliated publicly, and some really incompetent management.

  2. Fukushima. Don’t build reactors right next to the ocean in one of the most earthquake prone places in the world.

  3. Three Mile Island. Not good, but no one was adversely affected and worker training was improved in the aftermath.

If we were to start counting the numbers of oil, gas, and coal fired plant accidents we would overload the servers.


Deaths are in the millions from fossil fuels. One hydropower accident in China killed more people than Nuclear ever did.

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People never look at the big picture.

Nuclear power is our only option to replace fossil fuels for power generation in every location around the world.

Solar and wind can’t do it alone. Hydro isn’t practical in all locations. Nuclear has to be there.

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Same thing happens with ICE cars, too.

I have a projector and a 120" screen, so I literally watch HBO’s Chernobyl as a big picture. :wink:

As for nuke power, I guess the biggest hurdle is the cost.

Do you all think it should be funded and/or run by private enterprise or government?

A significant part of the cost is the changing of regulations during reactor construction and the entity defending itself from frivolous lawsuits by eco terrorists in suits.

As for who should run it, private enterprise with government financial backing and regulations in place. You don’t want the state being the only ones running reactors. That’s a significant reason why Chernobyl turned out like it did.

The state knew about the faulty control Rod design for ten years; a near accident at Leningrad station was covered up. Not only that, but the state in any government has a habit of simply assigning and promoting bureaucrats who aren’t accountable.

You need both private and public enterprise to run a nuclear fleet efficiently and safely. It’s a different animal than other types of power. But when done correctly, it’s safer than other power generation types and it’s more efficient and it’s much cleaner.

A guy a work had one. Everyone was ohhh and ahhhing.