The stock market will ‘breathe a sigh of relief’ if President Trump is re-elected in 2020, says billionaire Howard Marks

The stock market will ‘breathe a sigh of relief’ if President Trump is re-elected in 2020, says billionaire Howard Marks

Howard Marks, co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, who has made billions investing in distressed debt, says that a 2020 election victory likely would be a major relief for Wall Street investors.

During an interview on CNBC on the sidelines of the Goldman Sachs Financial Services conference in New York City on Tuesday, Marks said Trump’s pro-business stance since winning a first presidential term in 2016, in stunning fashion against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, has made him an attractive president for the deep-pocketed crowd in financial markets

My comment: This is all the more reason Trump will be reelected. Remember the “Trump Bump” after the last election but before he took office? Stocks soared after election night, while lefties wept. How soon the Left forgets that the markets loved Trump and hated Criminal Hilary.

We have to vote for Donald to help the poor billionaires! Who else will save the coastal elites that shape conservatism?

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Enjoy, dated November 9, 2016

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A billionaire likes the tax cuts Trump gave him…shocker.:roll_eyes:

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100% off topic and false. This thread is not about a man liking the tax cut he may or may not have received. This thread is about an economic expert explaining why the stock market will be happy with the election of a businessman over some socialist dolt.

You know who I’d trust with my life … (checks notes) … Howard Sparks … Marks. I meant Howard Marks. Yes. Marks.

Isnt he exactly the type of person (coastal elite billionaire) who conservatives say ruined this country? Yet for some reason we should now listen to him?

Does the thread say anything about placing your life in his hands? No it does not. Straw Man responses not appreciated.

On the other hand, since he is obviously a wildly successful man, you might consider placing your finances in his hands.

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On finances you always listen to people who are far more successful than you are. That does not mean we need to listen to him on other government policies.

Thar wasnt the conservative stance pre-2016. Back then all we heard is how billionaires were taking advantage of the system and screwing over the forgotten man. Quite the 180

Then vote for Trump due to the homeless problem you’re witnessing in your own backyard due to lib policies.

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You cant be serious. Can you cite what Trump is doing to improve the homeless situation?

Of course, with Trump and co. we’ll just keep printing money to give to Wall Street continuing to make America poorer but the wealthy richer.

He cut taxes for businesses that now allows business owners a greater opportunity to raise wages for their employees. It created an environment that allows businesses an opportunity to make additional profit and again, another opportunity to raise employee wages.

Its hilarious. I mean it isnt the exact opposite of why the undecideds voted.for him in 2016 or anything

“Markets” don’t have emotions. Markets are a function of the net present value of the companies traded on said markets.

That being said, behavior can affect markets. The determination then has to be made of whether that behavior is rational or irrational. In real life, changes due to rational behavior are rare due to human nature.

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The problem with that is that those businesses didn’t use that opportunity to raise wages. They kept the cuts.:man_facepalming:

No, billionaires will.

…and you’re ill informed as usual.

He is an “economic expert”. :joy: