The Squad on the Prod

DHS opened an investigation into the allegations last month.

One doctor. A female. The accusation stems from the doctor’s “overstating the size of cysts” and such. Basically a difference of medical opinion.

If it is anything, it is malpractice.

And The Squad wants the UN to investigate as if the government (ICE) had a policy.

Glimpse the future.

This sounds ridiculous, but I don’t think a “glimpse of the future.” This is very squad-y.

Four other Democrats also signed onto the letter Friday: Reps. Mark Pocan (Wis.), Veronica Escobar (Texas), Alan Lowenthal (Calif.) and Mary Gay Scanlon (Pa.).

A House resolution. Before the investigation.

AOC Plus 3!

Plus 4 next week.

I love the lib denial.

We are witnessing historic change!

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Not a new suggestion.

What does that mean?

I took that post as meaning the idea of defunding the military to further fund social programs was sonething like a daring new suggestion.

The point is she is “poised”…
5th of The Squad.

Libs future…turning United States over to foreigners.


What do you think a conservative future looks like?

Off topic. There’s a thread for that.

This thread is about The Squad on the Prod.

Libs aren’t going to embrace the new DNC power brokers?

Surely The Squad is not an embarrassment? Do they run counter to the narrative?

Here they come…

Turning the U.S. into the U.N. we seem to be getting closer.

Who does AOC take orders from? Some men from Texas?

Her handlers are one from Dallas and Tennessee. Coincidence of geography, not politics. Bernie and his people are in the mix.

Any thing the Squad does as a unit is a bit different. AOC doesn’t lead the Squad.

I remember something about that and while I was looking, I found this. It’s about AOC, and I don’t know how much truth is in it.

Delete it if it derails the thread.