The Spineless GOP; Exemplified

During an interview with NPR, Rep Mark Green (TN) exemplified just how spineless and impotent the GOP has become in the age of Trump.

And then there was Representative Mark Green, from Tennessee, a decorated combat veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq, whose official bio reports that he interrogated Saddam Hussein. Discussing Trump’s Syria decision on NPR’s “Here and Now,” Green offered what might be the best distillation of the uneasy tension between Capitol Hill Republicans and Trump. "Yeah, I disagree with what he’s doing now, I wish it wasn’t happening, but I still fully support it."

Sure, party before country isn’t new. But it’s smells a lot worse when legislators bow down to a man like Trump. The GOP is truly a pathetic shell of what it once was.

Feel free to share more examples of the GOP selling their souls for the good graces of Donald J. Trump.


Regarding the Kurds, I am not in support of leaving them to be slaughtered by Turkey and the promise of destroying Turkey’s economy if they do…doesn’t impress me. If the Kurds get slaughtered, this will definitely hurt Trump politically.


Green’s just doing what a lot of Donald’s apologists do - ignore the other side of the coin.



Republicans are never going to turn on Trump. Even if the Kurds get slaughtered, it’s still better to keep Donald Trump in office rather than allow a Democrat to gain control of the most important office in the world. Just think of how much worse international affairs would be with a Democrat in control. I’m glad Donald Trump is making these kinds of hard decisions regarding the Kurds and Turkey. Just think of what would have happened if Hillary was president. I’m sure the Kurds agree.


The Kurds will regroup at Trump Tower Istanbul!


Nah. Fox News is on the job. The only story about it on the front page of their website is an opinion piece from a Republican congressperson explaining how Trump is right, of course, duh, don’t worry about it, the Kurds don’t need us, and besides, we shouldn’t be involved in the Middle East anyway, I’ve been saying for years.

Not even genocide will drop Trump’s support below 33%.

Depends on whether Donald can get Fox news back into line. Right now they’ve gone full blown Deep State lib mob media according to him.

From a president who says dumb things everyday this might be one of the dumbest. No one works harder for him than Fox News.

I’ll give 'em credit. FoxNews had the Turkey story on their front page for an entire day when the story was breaking. But they move on quickly. Talking points from the WH hadn’t been delivered yet.

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I don’t think most Republican voters care/or even know much about who the Kurds are. Turkey says they’re terrorists. It’s impossible to know. It’s probably best if we just don’t get involved.

Hell. I’m sure Trump himself barely knows who the Kurds are. The angles here are 1) screwing over an ally and 2) risking the release of thousands of ISIS prisoners.

  1. We’re screwing over an ally either way. Either the Kurds are mad at us because we allow the Turks to slaughter them, or the Turks are mad at us because we’re not allowing them to slaughter the Kurds, who the Turks designate as terrorists.

  2. I’m sure those ISIS prisoners learned their lesson. If they haven’t, I’m sure that Syria and Turkey can handle whatever minor issues might arise.


I’ll wager a Trump Tower kebab you’re right!

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Please explain how the Kurds would be worse off now if Hillary was president.

Trump may be enabling the Kurds being slaughtered but at least we aren’t having a conversation about his emails ! #LockHerUp

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You know this is already happening as we speak, right?

Turkey didn’t waste any time. They’ve already invaded.

Bill Barr met privately with Murdoch, so they are working on it.

Yup. Gotta send the Fixer-General to the media to keep them in line, especially after that disastrous release of polling numbers. I’m gonna wager Foxnews doesn’t poll on that question any more, or, at a minimum, does not report on it when they do.

Fixers-General everywhere are watching the job performance that Barr is modelling.

Kurds men, women and children are being bombed as we speak. ISIS had a massive jail break and has already started bombing people.

First I will just share my observations in regards Donald J. Trump.

When the chosen one descended from his golden Olympus tower in New York City on June 16th, 2015, many on the Right had hope renewed, they felt a sense, perhaps, of delivery, that then, in that one great shining moment of moments that they had, finally, found a potential leader who could bring them forth from the hater, racist, misogynist, bigoted wastelands of America from where they had been forced, by decent society, to live, for so long, in muzzled silence and passivity.

I remember that day. Where some saw their “light of day” and I, and many like me, saw the dark gloaming rise above the political landscape, felt the first cold chill winds of chaos on our faces, making the hair on our backs rise and the apprehension in our chests knot.

Others on the Right saw in him a nasty, despicable, weasel of a man, but a man they could get behind and endure the offal of because he was just the man to pursue the nasty, despicable, and weaseling policies they wished pursued by America made great again, in their eyes!


Trumpism as I see it.