The Speeches Are Done, What Next?

The consensus view in my earlier thread about what Trump would do tonight was that the President would declare a National Emergency tonight. That was wrong.

I listened to both sides and don’t believe I heard anything new…. Both made pitches to their core voters. Is it fair to say that when the night is over we are about where we were when the day began? Can anyone say that they learned anything new from either side last night?

I don’t think either party gained anything tonight. This remains a conflict of wills. Both sides are demanding the other capitulate, nobody is offering anything that even hints at a compromise.

By the weekend this will be the longest shutdown in US history. So, here’s my next question for a new speculation. Any ideas on when/how the shutdown ends. We got tonight wrong, maybe with practice we can get the next one right.


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A majority of Americans are against building the wall (about 59% according to the latest poll with about 36% being in favor of building it.) If Trump failed to sway a majority of the people to support his wall, then Republican Congressmen will begin to to cave.

So is it, or is not a national emergency?


I don’t know. Trump needs to stop appealing to Pelosi and Schumer. Go to people like Doug Jones, Manchin, the ones in the house who just won in seats taken by Democrats that had previously been in Republican districts. Offer the Lindsay Graham offer of a trade for the $5 billion for work permits, get that done. That is his only chance to get what he wants. .

How does any of that get him the votes he needs? Besides Jones and Manchin he already has those votes and the 2 bluedogs aren’t enough to change a thing

Well I will definitely admit I was wrong and thought that he would declare a national emergency. Seems like there are three options:

1- declare national emergency
2- enough republican congressmen defect so that there is a veto proof majority to pass a clean CR and reopen the government.
3- dems and pubs come to a negotiated agreement.

I still think 1 is in play but if not then 2 will likely happen. 3 seems very doubtful.

When is the Senate going to vote on the House bill to fund the government? Seems like a good place to start. It either passes or it doesn’t.


Well, somebody has to budge on something. The Senate will not have 60 going the other way either, and especially if it goes the more liberal way, they won’t get 67 to override a veto or 2/3 in the house. Somebody has to get something that they don’t want to give up, and call it a day. It can’t be Trump giving up everything. The best is if somebody on both sides is unhappy, that is a real compromise.

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We could TRY to vote for the bill the House passed. If it doesn’t pass it doesn’t pass, but so far there hasn’t been a vote.

I think Mitch is afraid it would pass the Senate, so he’s blocking it.

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Both speeches were a fat waste of time.

The Trump Shutdown rolls merrily on.


Exactly, and in your scenario there is no budging. Trump would simply be appealing to those already onboard

It can and it will

After seeing the address finally pretty convinced that the Senate should just vote. They don’t need a veto proof majority. Trump doesn’t have the guts to veto.


That House vote would not get 60 votes in the Senate. Nor would it get 67 to override the veto, nor would Pelosi get 2/3 to override a veto in the House. McConnell could have passed the House passed bill in the previous session that the Republicans passed, if he would have just allowed 50 votes to win. Trump would have signed that one. You know when the next time the Democrats take over the Senate they will go to the majority vote.

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Democrats want the government reopened. Trump wants a wall. Guess what side the majority of Americans agree with?

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I think you’re wrong. Nobody thinks shutting the government down over this is a good idea. The votes would be nearly unanimous. Trump deserves a spanking for this stunt.

They can reopen by funding the wall. In the meantime they can continue to support the sex trafficking and the heroin going through the southern border.

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All hypothetical. Put it up for a vote. Only way to know for sure. Often seen that what people say and what people do when actually forced to make a real decision are very different things.

Would of
Could of
Should of
yet still failed

Of course it was wrong. The man is all bluster. Dems called his hand and he had a pair of threes. Not winning with that poker hand. So tired of his crap.