The solid South

Often times associated with racism this group terrorized it’s political opposition many of whom were black. many were just Republicans.

These people burnt homes, churches and businesses. They lynched and murdered in order to create fear. They used this fear to control voting, political power, the justice system, employment and property.

They wore masks, carried weapons, and organized to persecute those who dissented their oppression.

They limited upward mobility, controlled employment and property rights.

They were a terrorist group known for their white robes and torches. They permeated all institutions that wielded power.

They are much like todays BLM which is also violently anti Republican. Yet today they are celebrated while they should be reviled.

Dunno bro, I only see one side trying to keep up their statues in the South.


BLM isn’t a craving after the comfort of an imaginary Lost Cause, either.

Who is celebrating the KKK? What does BLM have to do with the south, solid or otherwise? Seems a majority of looting & rioting is taking place in states like Minnesota & Wisconsin, which aren’t even there.

If we want to stretch it, the experiences of the Jim Crow South followed the great migration to Northern cities, which were as rife with discrimination (though not nearly as wicked as its southern incarnation).

The black experience predominantly begins in the South and extends as these migratory patterns emerged; de-industrialization mimics the conditions in the South insofar as the jobs and economic security of the rest of the nation evaporated just as the lands belonging to black farmers were stolen.

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They seem pretty protective of the KKK founder in the TN state capital. I think they finally got it moved to a museum. This is the one that was erected in 1978.

do you see anyone harassing and trying to intimidate? do you see anyone trying to limit speech?

Jim crow preceded the great migration, but the op is about methods, goals and objectives.

IMO Comparison of BLM to KKK is a poor one. KKK in more recent years has become more anti GLBTQ. Here is one example:

It’s a despicable organization, but it’s up front who they are & what their mission is. They don’t exactly hide it.

BLM seems contradictory. Seems their name is Black Lives Matter, yet they haven’t condemned the killings of black lawmen or average black men & women killed during riots. Doesn’t seem black business owners losing their livelihoods is on their radar, either.

A majority of BLM protestors are white:

Yet one of BLM’s founders prayed to her diety of choice “to not cuss or kill white people”

KKK if nothing else isn’t contradictory. It’s pretty straightforward forward. Can’t say the same of BLM.

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That’s highly broad. It almost has to be to compare the backlash to reconstruction to a civil right’s movement.

Right. I was responding to Janet’s post about what Minnesota & Wisconsin have to do with the South.

you are not serious about proclaiming BLM as a civil rights movement. But then the KKK did want to liberate the South. maybe you are correct, we should call them both civil rights movements.

It’s almost as if it’s a decentralized organization.

Sometimes these movements are co-opted by existing political institutions for their own benefit. We saw as such with the Tea Party.

Sometimes they have absolute nutcases in their ranks (more often than not) and other extremist elements trying to hijack the narrative for their pre-existing beliefs.

BLM leaders are upfront as well, it is the supporters that are not aware.

I’m definitely serious about proclaiming BLM as a civil rights movement. They are not both civil rights movements; no more than a class of criminal landlords in India protecting their interests is the same as their tenants rebelling against them.

And by liberate the south you mean put black people back on bondage.

what is the blm agenda?

nope, i mean get rid of republicans, hence the title, but you knew that.

To draw attention to abuses of the state against black bodies; solutions for systemic racism; structural reform; civil rights.

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confiscate property, seize power, silence dissent and more.