“The single greatest national security threat right now is our internal division.”

And here it is, predictably - anybody who disagrees with Democrat policies will now be branded as a terrorist sympathizer. It doesn’t matter if millions who voted against Biden/Harris were ALSO appalled by what happened this week. It’s too bad they weren’t serious about political violence these past nine months.

If terrorism is what they want…they will make it happen. Thus excuse to crack down on our Amendments…which is their intention all along.


Don’t care. We all hated America if we disagreed with Iraq war, according to that side.

Enjoy your meal.


They are correct.

We are the strongest nation on earth by any measure when we are united.

The more fractured we become the more likely we are to become a target of both internal and external terrorism.

Our enemies thrive on our chaos.


Unreasonable crackdowns in the name of internal security have spawned many an armed rebellion.

How did you get that from what you posted?

It’s what they wanted…until other day that scared the ■■■■ out of em.

They are the ones that’s pushing it.

For every action there is reaction.

Internal division has always been the greatest threat we face as a Republic.

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Actually it’s our strength…until a libs achieved the power they wanted.

It’s the only thing that can bring us down as a nation. No other nation can begin to fight us if we are united.

Normal political conflict is one thing, we’ve gone light years past that and we’re now more fractured and divided than we’ve been since our own civil war.

Nothing good can come of that.


I disagree…control conflict has been our nation strength.

What the left is doing is increasing likelihood of violence by shutting this door.

How do you propose to heal internal division? Do believe that 75 million citizens are Qanon followers? The new administration most certainly does.

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The “marriage” has failed.

To continue such an arrangement under the circumstances is honestly cruel.

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Was that a good reaction? Gifting the left with the single best Christmas present in a generation that will be used as a justification for years of progressive overreach? We do not live under the same rules, even if they’re not codified into law. It’s fine for progressives to burn and pillage during “peaceful protests” - ANY similar riot with the same tactics from the fringe right was always going to be treated as an extinction level event.

The United States has a long history of domestic terrorism.

I think people get upset when the label “domestic terrorist” is applied to those not far from themselves. If it were the KKK, Black Liberation Army, Weather Underground, American radical Islamists or ANTIFA who had stormed the Capitol, there would be no problem with labeling them domestic terrorists. Some see the current group as somehow special or justified or entitled to what they did. Just like some felt members of those other groups were special or justified or entitled to what they did.

I’ve said for years that a republic is like a marriage and there comes time when either you divorce or someone is going to get hurt.

I fear you are correct. IF we’ve not already reached that point we soon will.

Barring some major change I don’t see how this can remain a single nation and have any semblance of freedom for more than a few decades at most.

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IF Trump followers were as big a problem as you would like to make them this nation would have already gone up in a hail of blood, bullets and what remained would have already been burnt to the ground.


I don’t know. Ultimately the right needs to move away from all these conspiracy theories. That might be impossible because of the internet.

I have absolutely no idea how many people are into Qanon.

They said that?

I see them as slack-jawed imbeciles. Do you know how I know this wasn’t an Antifa “false flag” event? Antifa has enough marginal common sense to mask up and refrain from posting their faces on social media, rather than pose at Pelosi’s desk and get fired from a Toyota dealership.

I have plenty of family, friends and coworkers who are Trump supporters/followers. Trump followers aren’t a big problem. The problem is the subset of Trump followers who force entry into the Capitol and disrupt the normal function of government with the intent of keeping someone President through non-Constitutional means.

White people aren’t a big problem. Violent white supremacists are.
Muslims aren’t a big problem. Radical jihadists are.
Trump supporters aren’t a big problem. Trump supporters who use violence and other illegal methods in attempt to keep Trump in power are.