The Shape of Things to Come - Democrat DA's Pro-Criminal Policies

Have a nice life

Not much better. Y’all are ■■■■■■■ snow-blind.

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Murdering murderers doesn’t stop murdering murderers.

Well the baby sitter was likely not being paid a living wage and the six month old was probably enjoying a life of white privilege.


One is by the law, one is against the law.

If you don’t like the law, work to change it. Personally, I think they should spend the rest of their lives in misery. Prison should be hell.

Ok, but killing killers still doesn’t stop killing killers.

Well, can you arrest someone prior to them killing someone for murder?

That is the end game. Antifa and BLMers can burn down, loot and assault innocent civilians and law enforcement personnel without repercussion.
It might be a shock to some but there are families who after losing a loved one to a rapist, murderer or pedophile could very likely take the “eye for an eye” approach to justice should the legal system fail them.


Lot of derision in this thread, so here’s another Democratic DA success story.

One California babysitter smashed a 6-month old’s skull, and the now 3-year-old girl is blind and eating through a tube. Under Gascon’s new directives, she can’t be charged with a great bodily injury enhancement that would have put her away for ten years. One party consistently runs DAs that support leniency for violent acts against children, and violence in cities across the nation is rising under their jurisdiction.

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Just carrying out Obama’s “fundamental transformation.”

Do you know the recidivism rate for executed criminals is absolutely zero??

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You know, I don’t think I’m encouraging discussion with an inflammatory lead. Title changed.

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Nobody has told me why we even need the enhancement? Why not just give her the maximum sentence allowed?

It’s a “procedural” thing perhaps. You know how those judges just like “procedural” stuffs!

But you have to admit, more accurate.

Do you support bare minimum sentencing for human filth like her? Anybody who votes for a progressive Democrat DA does.

You have to understand, those are not criminals, they are potential Democratic voters. :wink:

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It’s pretty astonishing how fast you guys reverted to hair on fire rhetoric

Those claiming the election can assault threaten m, commit attempted murder. It might be a shock to some but some may dress in black and take violence to the streets

Good speech, but I’m referring to criminals not being prosecuted by leftist/ Soros backed elected prosecutors like this ideolog in LA county.

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And yet somehow blm and antifa made it into your post.

Strange that

I get your point though.

I think bail reform has gone too far.