The Senate Should End Nomination Hearings for Current Session

They can always reinstate them if the Democrats ever take the Senate.

Currently, there is no need for them. The Senate only has to “advise and consent.” There is no requirement for hearings. The fact of the matter is hearings only serve to damage the nominees and allow Democrats to prance and preen. It helps no one except Democrats. Every nominee should be brought to an immediate floor vote and just disallow Democrats to take part in the process beyond a vote. This has become ridiculous.


Dude…don’t be so harsh. The hearings give Kamala a chance to flare her nostrils and exercise them.


And Corey Booker to beat his chest and grunt.

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Historically speaking…only the democrats do this???

Yes. The GOP has questioned nominees in a respectful way to test their fitness for the office. Democrats behave like rabid zoo animals mugging for the camera. It is disgusting.


I mean…

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Pretty much.

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There’s nothing respectful about ignoring the existence of a nominee for nearly a year.


Merrick Garland and Obama did not deserve respect. And McConnell only followed the Biden rule.

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Oh and that makes it right?

Why aren’t we following the Biden rule now?

It’s not a presidential election year, it is invalid.

In what lib way, does it apply?

team obama didn’t even have garland meeting with individual senators for personal discussions like kavanaugh has.

+1 for kavanaugh


Garland met with both GOP and DEM Senators after being nominated by Obama.



Except they did…

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It’s an election year, is it not?

…not until you see Hillary on the ballot again. :sunglasses:

On a side topic I have been as down on goofy Grassberry for letting the confirmation hearing go to the dogs as anyone…but then I had a thought…

I’d say it’s 50/50 that Grassley pulled the old Cheshire cat routine. Jes sat back licking his whiskers letting the carnage play out. Gotta admit…the GOP got a ton of sympathy out of the debacle. The dems really fired up the conservative base with their anti-democratic antics. Even made moderate dems want to puke.

Only 50/50 though. May turn out that Grassley is just senile.

That link says garland only met with 2 dimocrat senators. kavanaugh met with senators from both parties, over 60 in all, and would have met with the others, but they were too busy holding their breath and stomping their feet.

+60 for kavanaugh for bipartisanship.