The Senate invokes cloture on Thomas Farr's nomination to be United States District Judge for the E.D.N.C. by a vote of 51 to 50 (Pence breaking the tie and Senator Flake voting no)

The United States Senate invoked cloture a little while ago on the nomination of Thomas Farr to be United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, to a seat that has been vacant since December 31, 2005.

Senator Flake voted no causing a 50 50 tie, which Vice President Pence broke in the affirmative.

The Senate will now burn off the 30 hours of post cloture time before a final vote its held.

I oppose this nomination on the shear principle of the thing.

Farr went many steps too far during his years of association with Senator Jesse Helms and conducted some pretty over the top things.

Having a racist in the one of the political branches is one thing. Not nice, but little they can do to cause permanent damage.

Having a racist on the courts is a completely different ball of wax. I have little confidence he can suppress his views and do justice without respect to persons.

Just two saving graces here:

  1. He will report to the 4th Circuit which likely will keep a very close eye on him.
  2. He is 64 years old, so his period of active service and senior service will be relatively short.

Amazing the lengths to which Senator Burr has gone to get this clown on the court, including leaving this seat vacant for 13 years.

And Burr is the responsibility behind this.

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Flake’s term can’t end soon enough.

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Because a racist on the courts is good?


I have had very little trouble with Trump’s judicial nominees to this point, with about 4 notable exceptions.

Over Obama’s 8 years, I opposed about 15 or so of his nominees (out of 329 that ultimately made it on the courts and another 80 or so who did not).

Most of GW Bush’s, Obama’s and Trump’s nominees I have found to be just fine.

But a small minority I have opposed, either for reasons of insufficient experience or for issues such as judicial temperament, etc.

Thankfully, nominee’s such as Farr are the VERY rare exception.

Sen. Susan Collins is okay with a racist as a judge on a bench? Who knew…

Chief Roberts is in charge of the 4th right?

Yes he is.

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There are some steps his fellow judges might take to lessen his impact. His predecessor sat at Greenville, not Raleigh and they should require that he sit at Greenville. Better yet, have Flanagan move from New Bern to Greenville and shuffle Farr out to pasture at New Bern. That would take him away from the more high profile cases, particularly lawsuits regarding civil rights and voting rights that are more likely to be filed at Raleigh.

Republican senate invokes cloture on racist judicial nominee?
Why am I not surprised.

And who would’ve thought Tim Scott is okay also?

Right. That’s what I said. :roll_eyes:

Once could be forgiven for gleaning from your post that you think Flake should have voted yes here.

Let’s try it another way. Should Flake have voted yes? If so, why?

My reply is in reference to Flake opposing Trump for the sake of opposing Trump. That’s no way to conduct his duties.

He’s on record saying he’ll oppose any Trump nominee unless the Senate passes a resolution “protecting” Mueller.

My comment had nothing to do with the racism aspect of opposition to the judge expressed in this thread.

But we can’t help notice you won’t answer the question Zander posed. Hmmmm…

It’s safer that way.

No case was made that he was a racist, at least not here.
Flake has said he will hold his breath and not vote for a court nominee unless he gets his way on the Mueller protection bill. It has nothing to do with his stance on this particular judge.
I find it difficult to believe Collins would vote for a known racist (even more than all other Republicans)
Not buying the story.

You don’t have to buy anything. Read up on him yourself.

Bad selection then. Trump needs to pick young judges who will be around for a while, not someone old enough for most people to retire.

trump didn’t “pick” him.

One is too many. Trump should do better.