The Senate has no legislative plans for the remainder of this week (7/29, 7/30)

Nominations only for the remainder of the week. It is possible that McConnell might file a legislative cloture motion late Thursday, but it will not ripen under the Senate rules until Monday.

Bottom line, no legislative action at all this week.

The Senate has agreed to this schedule of votes on nominations for Wednesday and Thursday:

11:30 a.m. Wednesday:

  • Cloture on Derek Kan to be Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

2:45 p.m. Wednesday:

  • Confirmation of Kan (if cloture is invoked).
  • Cloture on Marvin Kaplan to be a member of the National Labor Relations Board.

4:45 p.m. Wednesday

  • Confirmation of Kaplan (if cloture is invoked).

11:30 a.m. Thursday:

  • Cloture on Lauren McGinley McFerran, to be a member of the National Labor Relations Board.

1:30 p.m. Thursday:

  • Confirmation of McFerran (if cloture is invoke).

Why would they do anything. It not Ike there’s a pandemic or anything


Looks like ol’ Mitch may have made the worst political miscalculation of his entire career.


What… no judges to confirm?

It will have been 11 weeks since the House passed their COVID stimulus come next week. McConnell, Trump, and the GOP will own every last bit of poor economic data that results from this dereliction of duty.

Wait? There’s healthcare legislation they need to pass by Friday.
Trump said.

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No need. According to trump, SCOTUS gave him the power to pass legislation on his own.

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Actually, if they are going to spend time on nominations, they are certainly lolly gagging about doing it.

I count 15 Article III Judicial nominations on the Senate Executive Calendar, 14 to the District Courts, 1 to the Trade Court. There are 4 Article I nominations on the Calendar, all to the Court of Federal Claims. Additionally, I count 3 nominations to the District of Columbia Judiciary, all to the Superior Court.

Right, I forgot he doesn’t need Congress. He’s almost like a king.

Powers that nobody knew he had. Bigly powers. He’ll be able to do things like nobody’s ever been able to do before.

Sorry about the bad news brother.

Isn’t this where Trump the greatest deal maker ever steps in? Or was that all just ■■■■■■■■■

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Definitely the latter my friend. Trump couldn’t negotiate his way out of the diaper that he soiled during the live finale of the first season of the Apprentice.