The SCOTorioUS ACB - cnn Believes They Have the Scoop on Coney-Barrett's Nomination

And in psychology she specialised in creating false memories. I guess she was able to create a memory good enough to convince weak-minded people like herself that she must have been sexually abused, but the dogma didn’t speak loudly enough in her to convince anyone with common sense.

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Who cares but you.
Most of us conservative don’t base our vote on silly things like what sex the person is, what color the person is and what religion a person is. We vote on who we believe is the best person to accomplish our goals.
It’s only a lot of leftist who vote not based on who the best person for the job is but color, sex and I guess now religion.


Virtually every politically influential evangelical in the Republican Party. Name one so I can show the terrible things they’ve said about Catholics.

None were nominated. You’re confused and flailing because you disagree with the nomination. Rationalizing the anger with lies told to you by the left won’t make it go away. Don’t just take my word for it, listen to Jackie DeShannon…

Good grief give it a rest. Evangelicals do not hate Catholics except in your mind.

Some people from most groups hate some people from other groups. It is a logical fallacy to assume from a few specific cases that all of some group hates all of another group.

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Name them so I can give you the quotes bashing Catholics.

How many bakers or librarians? If none, they must hate bakers and librarians?


Not confused at all. “I don’t hate Mormons, but some of the voters might:.”

I’m done with you. If you can’t admit your wrong there nothing more to be said.
Plus my Catholic husband is laughing his head off right now that you think he hates me his wife who is not a Catholic that he has been married to for over 40 years.


Barrett… Pelosi… Biden… the Pope…

@Oldandtired’s Catholic husband doesn’t hate her, a non-Catholic. Checkmate, @TommyLucchese

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You never saw Justice Thomas’ confirmation hearings did you?

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You got some rude remark to make go for it. I’m sure I can answer it for you.

I’m just pointing out the uselessness of anecdotal evidence.

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I can only name one President who I even know his religious affiliation, and that was Kennedy (every story about him mentions it). There were rumours that Obama was a secret muslim, but I figured that was started due to his name and had no basis in fact.

Point being, the only time I really pay attention to a persons religion is if they bring it up, except for mormon missionaries, the only place those kids don’t stand out is in Salt Lake City. :wink:

A lot of Episcopalians.

Edit: not as many as I remember

America is ready for an non-closeted atheist.

what the hell is a episcopalian? Are they affiliated with the Church of England?

Loosely. They are Anglicans. Jokingly referred to as Catholic-lite.

Yeah there’s a reason for that.