The SCOTorioUS ACB - cnn Believes They Have the Scoop on Coney-Barrett's Nomination

Wow! What a rock star!

If confirmed:

-Youngest female Justice in history
-First white, Catholic female Justice
-First to be nominated and confirmed this close to a presidential election
-Staunch pro-life woman Justice

She’s got it all.

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Hang on, it’s CNN, the Real nominee could just as well be Judge Judy

I’m just curious what kind of disgusting lying smear campaign the lib left Dems will launch.


Anything less than 100-0 confirmation, or maybe 53-0 with 47 abstentions and an incredibly sincere apology for the kavanaugh debacle, means anything goes moving forward.

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It’s no secret I don’t have much love for the left…

What those lying snakes led by Kamala Harris did to Brett Kavanaugh was unforgivable.

You can oppose his policies … disagree with his history…

But the effort to completely obliterate that man was one of the sickest spectacles I’ve ever witnessed.


Yeah let’s see how they choose to swiftboat her.


Like everything else aside, what’s with this Catholic thing? Has the SCOTUS not been full of Catholics for like four decades? And since when do evangelicals like Catholics, even if they believe in The Handmaid’s Tale?



Is anyone ever entitled to one?

Was it? Reviewing it looks like it was a stalemate.

Two in recent history? Maybe the secret is not to nominate rapists.

Religious bigot.

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Your question was about whether or not he raped her, and even the idiot crazey ford never claimed that.

You knew that right??

Oh, I’m sorry… “Sexually assaulted”. :roll_eyes:

MSNBC reporting the same.

I know I don’t really care, but it riles up the rabble for some reason, even though sotomayor…

And the only people talking the handmaids tale angle are lefty performance artists. Makes for good theater I guess.

I remember an hilarious skit that SNL once did of Huckabee talking about Romney when they were both running for President. It had Huckabee saying: Its said that Mormons don’t believe in Jesus but they actually worship the devil. I don’t believe that myself, but maybe some of the voters will".

Lets do a good Catholic bashing. Really haven’t had that since before JFK.

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Seeing as how all of her named witnesses said she’s full of ■■■■ I’m gonna say the answer is definitively NO to that as well.


I think your confused. I’m an ex-Catholic. It’s specifically conservative evangelicals that hate Catholics.

For example…

Sorry hate to tell you but but you are wrong. Some on my family member are Catholics and no hate here. Some of my neighbors are Catholic so no hate here.
Maybe you need to speak for yourself and not others.

Again, I’m not a Protestant, I don’t even get you people.

Riddle me this, how many Catholics have Republicans ever put on a presidential ticket?