The root cause if illegal immigration is Biden and Harris

This is my personal opinion that One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier administration is the root cause of the massive illegal immigration from around the world.

Cut off the flow of the border meltdown. Biden is failng his constitutional authority to protect our country. And he is allowing in COVID positive illegals while ■■■■■■■ around with Americans.

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Thanks… saved me from wasting time with the rest of the post

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Do you think Biden and Harris are doing a bang up job on the border? Any room for improvement? Or do the just pretty much suck at it?

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That’s not your personal opinion, its fact.
June 2019. Trump reaches an agreement with Mexico that trade will be cut off unless they stop being a route for illegal immigration. Mexico agrees and illegal immigrations greatly reduces.
Biden is elected, ends that agreement and signals to the world we will have a more friendly, open border.
Huge surge in illegal immigration follows. President of Mexico faults Biden.


There was no illegal immigration until their administration? Who knew…

So before Biden’s presidency, there was very little illegal immigration? Then what were conservatives complaining about 2017-2021?

Of course there were. Now look at the encounters at the southern border from June 2019 to current, by month.

Southwest Land Border Encounters | U.S. Customs and Border Protection (

Now why the downturn after June 2019?

Trump says agreement reached with Mexico over migrants (

Now what happened in 2021 to cause the big monthly surge? You figure that one out. The President of Mexico did.

Mexican President Obrador blames migrant crisis on Biden (

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Agreed Biden flubbed it with his early words and hasn’t handled it well since. Probably his weakest area thus far.

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They suck and so does Pelosi and Schumer

Xiden is a goofball who thinks his son, Hunter is a genius. He needs to be placed in an old folks home.

And Hunter has to stay away from Art Brushes and paint.

Thank you Doug. Bos’un

Your time is wasted when you turn on CNN. :cowboy_hat_face:

I doubt Hunter has been near any art brushes and paint, apart from for photo shoots to created the impression that he’s painted something.

I know Gavin Nuisance was recalled. Is there any way for citizens to recall a president and vice-president. There’s no chance of this House impeaching him.

Sniffing paint

Elaborate, please, brother. That went over my head.

You don’t want to see opinions? Pretty much the point of this forum but ok.

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Just joking around about his past hx of substance abuse. Although I understand he straightened himself out. If you can believe Hunter and Joe.