The Reverse Is Not True - Why Do Conservatives Tolerate Hate?


Which makes him a Populist basically because he doesn’t see things Left or Right strictly.


And Democrats tend to favor Tariffs while Conservatives on the right do not.


True, true and true.

There are of course exceptions, individual lunatics reside everywhere, and they are not representative of anyone but themselves.

However, when we are talking about groups on hundreds or thousands… With that being said, the Bernie and Hilary supporters did not have to endure hundreds of maniacal Trump supporters, running thru the streets, chasing them down and beating them. We saw the exact opposite occurring in the 2016 election. After the election there were thousands more of these maniacal, destructive Trump-haters in the streets. The reverse is not true.

Just compare the TEA Party rallies to the OWS riots. As you said, the reverse is not true.

I’ll repeat - There are of course exceptions, individual lunatics reside everywhere, and they are not representative of anyone but themselves. But the left has routinely been able to gather hundreds or thousands of violent angry people, to cause assaults, arson, and riots, the reverse is not true.


Government Infrastructure is that a Right or Left Idea?


Was the German Democratic Republic democratic?

You think neo Nazis are dreaming of a socialist country?

Ok. In the US, which side, right or left, is more concerned about border security?


More rat than wrong little buddy… But that’s our spin. Again… Trump doesn’t do labels…in his own noggin. He just does what’s common sense right.


Depends what you mean. Infrastructure like roads and bridges is both sides.


That depends on the reasoning behind the tariff. If the tariff is to try and generate profits for US steel, by slapping an across the board tariff on all imported steel, then most all conservatives would oppose it.

But what if we have a scenario was that a tariff on high tech goods is imposed on a nation, which has been engaging in intellectual property theft, and using bullying tactics, against US businesses who do work in their country? a poll of economic conservatives on that scenario, might come away with different results.


Illegal, I’ll agree with your characterization of Trump as a populist. I’d say he is leaning right but not as far as some.


Trump banning transgender from the military, is that more right or left wing?


Except of course for the fact Nazis are fascist and fascism is right wing.


The left doesn’t claim communists either but people here are more than willing to force them upon them.

I’m mostly of the right. Facists are our extremists. Communists are their extremists.


Nope fascism is left wing. Always was. Always will be. Just because the left has always said the reverse does not make it so. Just bekez Hitler didn’t wear a kitty hat doesn’t change a thing. The left is top down. Always has been. Always will be. And fascism is top down. Lefties and dictaters go hand in hand.


I would say that if the Dems get off their collective butts they could get Trump to lean Left on some policies.

Trump has put in some policy stuff that is left leaning that the left should like but they cry about it because it is Trump.


Facism is nationalism taken it to its logical extreme.

Nationalist ideology is of the right. Leftists groups such as communists are internationalists.


Actually the better way to view Political spectrum is as a circle not a line.
Because going to the extreme left or right you will end up with Communism
Communism can lead to Fascism , and Fascism can lead to communism


What in the ■■■■ ?


Communism is not Internationalists
Russia was not Internationalism, Cuba was not either.
You could say the same about Fascism then as well being Internationalism they want to control the entire world just as Communism.


Uh no. Communists and facists are diametrically opposed to each other. The central objectives of their ideologies cannot coexist.

Communism seeks the eventual destruction of the capitalist states and ownership of production by the proletariat. Facism seeks the perfection of the nation state with the entirety of society being one ethnicity, one people, living on one soil.


The man who invented fascism Benito Mussolini says its right wing so I think he knows what he’s talking about.