The Reverse Is Not True - Why Do Conservatives Tolerate Hate?


At 17 years old, Martin was no longer a child. Had things turned out differently and he had either beaten Zimmerman up or killed him, Martin would have been tried as an adult.


Nope. The right doesn’t claim em.


Nope. The left wants them to be right wing. Doesn’t make it so. mobyilus speaks troof!


I would say that anyone putting Christian into any hate group has gone around the bend. Should have been made to go to Sunday school as a child…instead of kitty hat protests and nudist parties.


He’s a minor. Nothing in your hypothetical changes that fact.


I suspected that…a completely brainwashed minor who should be going to Sunday school instead of accompanying mommy (no daddy) to the cell meetings.


Actually, the law isn’t so clear on that. Out would depend on what category you are talking about and what Florida laws are. One thing that is clear is at 17, he was no longer a child.


That’s not clear at all. Zimmerman would have gotten the needle if Martin had been a girl.


Is that why they support Trump?


My confusion Mx. Mainyu. We are composing at cross purposes. My text was directed at Ms. _Alien. Ms. -Alien is a prolly a minor as well. Very minor.


Here’s a nazi talking at a rally wearing a MAGA hat.


IS Trump right WING?
I seem to believe Trump is a Populist and will do what he thinks people want.
Just because he ran as a republican doesn’t make him Right Wing.
If Dems actually decided to work with Trump they could get lots of Left leaning policy’s in place.
Tariffs tend to be Left leaning Ideas, Infrastructure reform Left, Single Payer which Trump was for, Also don’t forget Trump was willing to give amnesty to DACA and many others.

Neo Nazi’s and White Nationalists groups hold socialist values. So they are Left leaning in that view politically.
So I am happy to agree that neither side should claim them but politically they are Socialist.


The White Nationalist Party’s inspiration was “unashamedly nationalist socialist” and opposed to “all democracy”

Sorry just because they wear a MAGA hat doesn’t make them Right leaning.

Politically they want White ONLY Socialism.

And Trump is a Populist who ran under the GOP we have had Democrats run under GOP to win but they are more Democratic than Right.
Its the way our 2 Party system is.


You are deluding yourself. One issue they talked about in the video was tightening our borders. Is that right or left wing?


I have no idea WHY they Support Trump.
Most Likely because they think Trump is PRO-WHITE only.
But then these same people hate that Trump has a Jewish Grandson and Daughter now.
So I have no idea why they like Trump.

I think because he doesn’t back down and Trolls and acts like a Bully.
But Trump is more a Populist than Right or Left.


Did Trump recently cut taxes for businesses? Is that more right or left wing?


that makes no sense. What is the relevance of your statement?


Let me help you Mx. _Alien… Trump governs right. But Trump the man does not look at things from the left/right perspective. His ideology is doing that which he thinks is good and makes the most sense.

It people like you and me who are bogged down in the left/right thing. Not Trump.


Is Socialism RIGHT or Left ideology?
Securing our Boarder can apply to any Ideology Socialism or Fascism.


Did Trump reinstate the gag rule on overseas facilities to stop them mentioning abortion? Is that more right or left wing?