The Reverse Is Not True - Why Do Conservatives Tolerate Hate?


That Martin was a thug.


Seriously? Trayvon Martin’s actions are a part of the public record. You are welcome to read it for yourself.


OJ Simpson


He smoked and sold a little weed?

When I think of a thug I think of gangbangers who rob people, break into houses, assault people, so on and so forth.

He doesn’t qualify. You could say he was a delinquent.



You have a safe and awesome day as well!


Nope. Martin had in fact completely got away. Had he chosen to not turn back to confront a guy who had in fact done nothing besides being a creepy cracker (per Martin’s own description in that phone call), had he walked on home, he’d probably still be alive today.

But he chose to turn back. That alone adequately demonstrates his intent to attack someone for disrespecting him or whatever lame reason he had.

There were in fact two encounters. In one Zimmerman followed a kid he thought was suspicious and the kid got away. In the second Martin confronted and attack a man and he died for his troubles.

Martin didn’t die because he was black. He died because he thought he was justified to attack someone who had not up till then done him any harm.


He was attempting to kill Zimmerman. Zimmerman was defending himself. Trayvon Martin was a thug. :roll_eyes:


You guys really do live in a bizarro world.


While he might have killed Zimmerman while doing so, all we can know for sure is that he wanted to bestow a beat down on him.


Basically a thug.


I said earlier that I agree it was a good shoot. I would have shot Martin myself in that situation.


You don’t comprehend.


I know exactly where you was going with that remark. I believe my bizarro world comment was the appropriate come back.


No, you don’t comprehend. I had it right the first time.


How about a couple of examples of genuine hate groups on the right?

You said twice in your epistle that everyone does it but then go on to disprove your own theory.

I’m guessing that you’re just trying to be extra fair and wind up apologizing for something not in evidence.

The “give examples” thing above is actually a trick question. I’m not aware of any righty hate groups. Lynch mobs are the the sole province of the left my friend. The only thing that the Tea Party hated, for example, was trash. They left their rally sites pristine.


These filthy lies make me sick. Complete balderdash! I dare you to say this to my face!



Uh, Neo-Nazi and other white nationalist groups are extremely right wing.


mmmm no if you actually look at their political beliefs they are socialists with Racism.


I would say the “Christian identity” tend to be a more Right Leaning hate group


Sorry their right wing.