The Reverse Is Not True - Why Do Conservatives Tolerate Hate?


I’d love to!


I don’t doubt for one second that Trayvon Martin is a hero to the left. Most thugs are. Can you say BLM and ANTIFA. And we can’t forget the Palestinian terrorists.


Nah. You voted for and support a thug.


You would pay just to see people be arrested? Why?


Why would you have done that?


Don’t start. “We” don’t know. “Some” people believe.


You guys really can’t like even conceive of a nuanced position can you? He’s not a “thug” or a “hero”.


If we weren’t talking about a child a man was stalking in the dead of night I might agree.


Because those punks have been harassing ICE in Portland for some time. Even stalking the wives and children of ICE employees in some instances.

They thought they would expand the operation imo and got arrested for their trouble instead. :+1:


Yeah the Portland police actually started arresting “protesters” here just after the 2016 election on their 8th or 9th straight day of blocking public transit. The chief of police was replaced less than a week later. Because Portland is tough on crime.


I doubt very much the Nashville police chief will be fired.


It’s Portland. Hell, the Governor of Oregon (Kate Brown) was harassing ICE because they didn’t ask for the city council’s permission before apprehending illegals outside the city courthouse. In other words, doing their jobs.


I’m familiar with the People’s Republic of Portland. Ugh. I have a sister in law out there , a lib who can’t get along with anybody, the only lib in my wife’s family.


I agree on that part. Personally I think Zimmerman started the fight.


Based on the evidence I think that’s what happened.

Now I could be 100% wrong. And I’m convinced that Zimmerman started it.

Had Zimmerman never followed him the fight would have never happened.


Why dont you just come out and say you dont like poor people, especially if they’re black or brown? Why do you have to start a thread pretending to spark serious debate? You think intelligent people here dont know what you’re doing?


He’s a thug.


There was no way of knowing at the time, but given his behavior afterward it’s a safe bet that he did.


0/10 trolling.


You can beg all you want, but if you are going to only look for what you want to see, well then you have no real purchase on a sound argument.

That is exactly what you are doing.