The Reverse Is Not True - Why Do Conservatives Tolerate Hate?


No go zones for white people don’t exist. If you get robbed its because you look easy.


Some of the leftist thugs, protesting ice, got rounded up and arrested in Nashville this week. Instead of placating them as they often do in Portland they just rounded them up and arrested them. About 20 total.


There are places you shouldn’t go after dark no matter your race.


Not at all.


I am fortunate enough to live in an area that is mostly conservative based. Liberalism doesn’t get a lot of traction here so they just kind of peter out deflated and go home.

At the same time, people here don’t push their conservative views on anyone either. Everyone minds their business.

I do tend to snicker though when I see someone driving one of those golf cart cars on wheels. They look so asinine. Especially if they are trying to pass a dump truck or semi.


What a load of trolling horsecrap this post is.


This post is a lie.


Geeze, finally! They’re like kids. Got away with it over here… Now I’ll do it over there-test the water. Bet their righteous indignation was very special to witness.






They didn’t seem very pleased to say the least! :rofl:


I think I might have paid to have been there. :joy:


If I had known what was going on in time i would have driven over. By the time it got out it was all over. :+1:


It used to be endemic of the fringes.



Yes Martin escalated the fight and Zimmerman was right for shooting him in that moment.

But where is your evidence that he was a thug? We don’t know who started the fight. All we know is that Martin escalated it into the lethal zone by bashing Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk and Zimmerman shot him in self defense.


Just good decent people. /sarc


I wanna move there!:sunglasses::earth_africa:


The paradox of tolerance.


Come and visit Miss Janet!