The Reverse Is Not True - Why Do Conservatives Tolerate Hate?

Take a survey of this forum and you’ll find that the radical liberal contingent is the most vocal and the most hating. It is a microcosm of life in these United States today.

Some things just are. For example white people who survive know that there are certain places in their town that they must not go. Just a fact of life…and it is accepted, if disdained. The reverse is not true.

In my town it has always been known that the last place a white person should want to venture out after dark is a certain section of town. The reverse is not true.

Likewise conservatives know it is very unwise to advertise republican candidates with yard signs and bumper stickers. The reverse is not true.

Ample evidence is out there that virulent trumphate lives in the hearts of the opposition, and they (Let me qualify “they”. I speak of the most radical elements.) are quite willing to take action on it. The reverse is not true.

Conservatives know that to publicly and openly express conservative thought is unwise and in some cases dangerous. The reverse is not true.

Whereas publicly expressed conservatism has been forced underground the radical left swaggers and flourishes openly today. They attack, both verbally, and physically because they know it will be tolerated.

Hate lives on the left. The reverse is not true. Some things just are.

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I thought the most amazing thing about the Seth Rich shooting was the idea that there were “no go” zones for white people in that city, and no one blinked an eye… Donna Brazille said it in her book, that he may have been shot for being white on the wrong side of town.

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…and no one blinked an eye. Some things just are and forever have been. It’s tough to make progress when this elephant in the room is ignored.

Trayvon Martin hearts this thread.


Someone ate their Wheaties this morning!


Hate is not endemic of any one Party.

You are clever Ms. Drs. I’ll give you that. I have always given you that. But clever is not the same thing as brilliant or even smart. You offer up the exception to disallow the rule. Very clever. Very disingenuous. Very typical of you.

The old old refrain. Yeah, we hate but everybody does it.

Well, if it strokes your ideology go for it. But in your heart you know it’s bogus.

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In my heart and rationally in my mind and with decades of observation of us humans I know that I am right.

Hate infects individuals and no one party has a lock on hate.

Technically true. 4 instances of hate against 4000. On the right hate is the aberration. On the radical left it is the norm.

I give you the benefit of the doubt. If you’re honest with yourself, intellectually you will agree with me.

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Hate to tell you this but when I go into the poor part of my city which is often the place where refugees and other newer less affluent immigrants first settle into it is white drug addicts and drunks that are the biggest problem.

It is not skin color that is the problem. It is poverty and try to feed addictions that are the biggest problem.


Oh my no.


You are giving me a good chuckle with that.


It’s best to just understand the paradox of tolerance. Tolerance can be encouraged for some things and discouraged for others. As long as tolerance is not categorical, then there is no paradox.

Tell you what. I will go to a part of my town where Racists and Homophobes. I will take one hundred of them and see how many of them are Trump supporters. What do you think I will find?
I have seen a better premise then the OP’s laid out in a high school debate class.
But at least it was good for a laugh.

Let’s condense the OP. Simply say “I hate hate”.

Trayvon Martin was a thug.


I beg to disagree. I see evidence of that hatred almost daily in the media.

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LW radical thugs. ANTIFA

But feel free to do exactly that and you can report back your findings. :+1:

You haven’t been paying a lot of attention to the almost daily reports of radical LW groups blocking something; destroying property; preventing conservatives from speaking; confronting conservatives and intimidating them in public places.