The revenge of Wall Street, or do you remember the Koch Brothers?

Billionaires buying elections harry Reid used to say.

Show us your tax returns Nadler still says.

But what about a democrat billionaire investing to overthrow the Constitution in Virginia?


What about a wall street insider buying his own election?


What about a Mayor quadrupling his wealth while in office presiding over Wall Street?


All of the sudden everything that was wrong is just fine.

Virtue and vice are now the same.

But i have a question,

if health care is a human right why do we have to pay for water?

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Bloomberg sucks also.

It isn’t hard to say.

I’ll address some of this. Im not a Bloomberg supporter (Yet) but also not against him. So i’ll answer.

Tax return -Bloomberg said he will release it. Yeah -I know - Trump did too. But I will say right now -If he does not, he will not get my vote.

VA constitution - HE did not . Plan and simple. VA has voted Blue in every president election since 2008 and every statewide office went to dems since 2009. Without any money from Bloomberg. VA is a blue state. The house, due to gerrymandering, was the last to fall and even that came down to a coin flip in 2017. Bloomberg DID spend 2.5m on dem candidates. Which was LESS then the 3m Republican State leadership contributed to Republican candidates. You all simply lost. get over it.

3rd -“Buying the election” is a silly talking point. Hes running! Trump said he would self fund (he didnt) and everyone here kept saying how great it was that he “Doesnt have to answer to special interest cause he doesnt need their money” yet Bloomberg self funded and all of a sudden im hearing “Hes buying a election”.

The compersion to the Koch brothers is a bad one because I dont really know where their money is going - they arent running. They add to a PAC and are dark money. Again - I don’t even know where their money is going. For Bloomberg -I know. And I can vote for or against him based on that.

Hope that helps answer what I am sure are honest questions.

Now - How about you answer in reverse. Why does this stuff only both your now and not before.


Bloomberg can drop out, and go away. He sucks.

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The op focused on Billionaires buying elections and an article was posted which clearly quoted harry Reid.
Virginia was an example Of Bloomberg buying elections not a political party or action committee. Same As the Koch brothers were accused of in the article.

Buying the election was referenced in the article.

Bloomberg is far worse than the Koch Brothers based on the criticism of the Koch brothers

The op is about Irony.

The article has a fair point.
The questions you asked afterwards do not.

from a twisted perspective you may be right.
but as the points raised are all dem talking points no sane person would make that claim.