The Return of the Mulvaney Defense?

¯_(ツ)_/¯ They’ll say what they’re told to say, updated daily.

Yet he won, and was our president.


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Then why did you point to California? Hillary got those ECs.

I feel this Trump business is going to hurt the Republicans in 10 years when he is gone and you still have to defend this crap.

That’s different. Way different.

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I think there are a few Republican senators who will say yeah it was bad- but doesnt rise to the level of impeachment. Most of them will say “nothing happened” which is just embarrassing. But I don’t think any of them will be ballsy enough to use the Mulvaney Defense. Yeah he did it and it was fine get over it! But that would be the most honest response.

Are they not Americans?


Trump has good chances of winning thanks to pelosi and Schiff’s campaign push. Thanks liberals

It has nothing to do with Pelosi or Schiff.

It has everything to do with those two nitwits. Their campaign contribution is duly noted

No it doesn’t. Have you looked at Trump*'s favorability numbers? Steady in the low to mid 40’s basically since he was sworn in. Nothing has changed.

Those numbers are still ahead of the poor performances of democrat players. It is why pelosi and schiff pulled their impeachment ponzi scheme.

Ponzi scheme?

scratches head

It is a direct commentary on the last sentence of the quote. The only difference is that we have Biden on video bragging about it and as irony would have it also involved in a questionable COI that Graham said WILL be investigated after the tattered articles against Trump are put out of their misery.


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No it’s not the why in any way, shape or form.

Thanks for playing though…:sunglasses:

You might need Glenn Beck to draw you an outline.

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I miss Glenny!!

I would say the drama set up by Pelosi and schiff is certainly like a ponzi scheme. They have their investors contributing all they have in hopes for a cash out this November. All the democrats really have done is contributed to Pelosi and Schiff’s career.

Man me too…me too. I also miss Jon Stewart pretending to be Glenn Beck. Those were the days!