The Return of the Mulvaney Defense?

So, now that the jig is pretty much up (for many of us, anyway) with respect to Trump and Ukraine, I suspect the following is strong possibility from Senate Pubs. This also assumes the relevant evidence and testimony will be heard during the impeachment trial.

“Yes, Trump lied/misinformed about his dealings with Ukraine and has been impeached for it. But so was Clinton impeached for lying. This behavior, while inappropriate, is sometimes how foreign policy is conducted, though we are going to have show more oversight of this in the future. In the end however, it is not worthy of removing the President from office.”

Face-saving ploy or no?

You have six hours to fire the prosecutor or you are not getting the billion dollars.

Blah Blah Blah…


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This is relevant to the OP…how, again, exactly?

It’s the why. Objection overruled.

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They’ll be no “face saving” by senate republicans. This, along with article 25, Russian collusion, obstruction, and every other orange man bad democrat scheme to remove Trump from office because it was her turn will wind up on the garbage heap of history because that’s just what it is. We’ll move on, re-elect President Trump to carry out another 4 year term that, hopefully, won’t be sullied by the radical left.

And what happens if the American voters view all of this information as damning and choose to NOT re-elect Trump? Will it be a vast conspiracy by the evil libruls trying to oust Trump since Day 1? Or will the “will of the voter making their voices known” win out?

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Funny, in another thread, a few posters requested several times that the posts remain on topic. I wonder why this is different?

Did the will of the voter win out in 2016? Maybe ask yourself the same question.

I can unequivocally answer, yes. If someone else wins, I won’t go around saying “Not my president.”

But, IMO you’re shooting yourselves in the foot every day continuing to chase this president for perceived misdeeds.

No. The other candidate got 3 mil more votes.


The op is pure conjecture. As such, it can be answered in like manner.

Don’t get a sad because you disagree with the electoral college.

Just sayin- the other candidate got the majority of the votes.

From California. Good job. :+1:

People are people, and 3 mil more of them voted for Hillary than Trump.

Did the voter win out? Based on electoral college - Yes, the voter did win out. If you go by popular votes, then no. But the EC matters.

No one is chasing anything. Parnas came out and gave his information. OMB came out and gave their information. This information, to me, sounds like Trump* did do something really bad. And maybe as more information comes out, some Americans will think it is bad and change their perception of who Trump* is. I would guess that the majority of current Trump* supporters will not change their mind.

This race will come down to the sliver of undecideds. As it has in the past few elections.

In Virginia, 212030 more people voted for Hillary than Trump. Why do they not count?

Naw, 3,877,868 from Texas.

Per the OP


No one is seriously saying Trump hasn’t done what he’s clearly guilty of doing.

His followers just don’t care that he did it, does it, will do it again.


It would obviously be a fake election and Trump will be holey justified on voiding the election and retaining power. Probably for the rest of his life and ultimately transferring it to one of his children.

As “The Chosen One” he will not be allowed to be forced from office by something as mundane as a vote by the people.

They counted…13 electoral votes. Maybe if the governor over there keeps it up, Trump will get those 13 this year.