The Return of The Moderated Debate?

Several years ago on the old forum we had a series of moderated debates. This was an opportunity for two posters to go head to head in real time as much as possible with minimal opportunity to google.

I think trying to revive these could inject some new creativity and interest in the forum.

What does everyone else think and more importantly what do the mods think?



I remember that forum, there were a couple of threads within. Sort of went up in smoke after a while. If y’all want to do it, fine, but there’d have to be a level of interest that warrants it.

Cheers GW.

Obviously the lack of replies tells me interest amongst the rest of the gang might be limited but if that changes I will loop back.


@Nemesis could you explain hot it worked a bit more?

Do you have any candidates in mind?

From what I remember two posters would agree to a debate a set topic. Time and date would be agreed and they would post in a thread that only they could particpate in. A moderator would oversee and they would have x number of minutes to reply.

We only had a few but I enjoyed them immensely.


I thought we already had one?

And this my friend is why you are a mod and I am a lowly poster, a plebian of society.

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I’m just a Tech Guy. :rofl:

Lol. I forgot that was even there.

I never even saw it :slight_smile:


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And that explains why we have no participation in Moderated Debates. :wink: