The republicans deserve this. BLOOMBERG WANTS HILLARY!

The republicans continue to make the same mistake over and over again. Constantly letting Hillary off the hook. Assuming she’s dead. It’s over. With the Clinton’s it’s never over. They’re like vampires. Unless you drive a stake through their cold dead hearts they will continue to come back to bite you. The republicans have had many opportunities to hang felonies on her, but decided against it. As they do with all corrupt government officials. The question is: Is the United States ready for more Hillary and all the drama she brings?

Too funny. Bloomberg would need a food tester if by some chance he wins.


Daily Fail reporting on Drudge.

It’s a meh

It got the desired reaction from Trump lovers.

If just amazes me. The republicans insist on playing nice. Trying to prove how fair they are. Going easy on government crooks. Democrats don’t have the same problem. They will stick a knife in the back of their opponents without a second thought. They have no problem sending people to prison. Guilty or innocent. They know how to play dirty. I admire them for that.

Or it’s all ■■■■■■■■ you fell for hook line and sinker you be the judge

Drudge is as accurate as Huffpo. Probably more. But it would not surprise me. When democrats have their opponents on the ground, they finish them off. When republicans have their opponents on the ground, they help them up. Democrats know how to play dirty. One thing I like about them.

Based on the early reaction, I’m guessing that libs may not be too keen on the idea?

Trump lovers won’t decide this. Good idea? Or bad?

Nah, weve come to a group decision to fall under communism and socialism with a hint of fascism

Yes republicans are scare of libs…and rightly so. The dangers it present to themselves and their lives if you alienate em.

Now I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny.

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This is performance art, right?

They specialize in letting democratic criminals off the hook. I thought that trend would end. It appears not.

It’s what ever you would like it to be. :blush:

That would be a dream team.

I am sure Hillary would be delighted to get second billing.

The Republicans have been running the DOJ for now over three years. However, Hillary hasn’t been indicted during any of that time. And a State Department investigation during that time cleared Hillary of illegal wrongdoing.

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First woman Vice President. She finally gets to make history.

You don’t see me linking to Huffpo.

The Clinton Vice President thing isn’t going to happen.

Yes we know. The republicans suck at this. When they have their political opponents down, they help them up. Trying to prove how reasonable they can be. Having a personal server at home with classified government information on it, is a felony for every government worker. But not for Hillary? She was not cleared of this as you say. She definitely did it. There is no question of that.