The republicans are already screwing this thing up

How is calling other people names proof that you don’t take yourself seriously?

I would think you would have to call yourself a name to prove that.

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Hey your the one that responded to me…out of entire post you could have responded too you took offense of me saying ■■■■ for brains.

So maybe you can answer me this. If ■■■■ for brains had all this evidence to make this impeachment…why is he demanding more?

The evidence already presented is clear. But all along GOP Congressmen and Senators (and trump supporters) have been saying all this evidence is from people who claimed to hear it from someone else. Now we have a chance to hear from the people directly involved. That’s what republicans have been saying we need to trust the evidence, but they don’t actually want to hear it. We all know why.

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Oh…so you had enough evidence to vote for impeachment but you don’t have enough evidence?

Is that what you’re saying?

Why do you want more evidence when you already had enough to vote for impeachment?

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Re-read the post. It’s very easy to understand what he said. Not sure why it would be difficult and require the question posed here?

The House had enough evidence to convince any rational observer that Trump was clearly guilty of abusing the powers of his office for personal political game. Now, there’s even more evidence, and that’s not even counting the witnesses that Trump won’t allow to testify, nor the documentation that Trump won’t provide. It should put the nail in the coffin of Trump’s presidency, but the party-first Senate Republicans won’t let that happen.


But yet with all that evidence you couldn’t convince 1 single republican to go alone with you…not one.

Anybody who listened to that for 24 hours has already made their mind up, one way or the other.
They are obsessed.

that’s nothing what I said. go re-read my post. I have faith in you that you will understand it.

Hey…you already had enough evidence to vote for impeachment. To late now.

I agree, there was plenty of evidence to impeach him. More is better, but we’ve heard enough.

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Hint: “party-first”. Other than allegiance to Trump and the Republican party, principles didn’t really come into play.

So why demand more?

Isn’t that like stabbing a man again after he’s already bleed out?

Oh but there is no such allegiance with libs…right?

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Paul’s a joke. I actually kinda liked his dad but this apple fell far from the tree. When he couldn’t get any presidential traction he turned to hanging on trump’s coattails.

There’s “convince” and then there’s colluding to protect your guy no matter what.

You can call it anything you like. It was still less than two minutes. Taking two months to discuss two minutes is idiotic.

I :green_heart: hints!

Yep taking two months to make official what we already know will happen is cruel and unusual punishment.

Shifty doesn’t count. And who said I was interested in proving anything? :man_shrugging: